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Our location defines us: what we are, what we teach, what we research, what we create. Fairbanks is part of our name, but our classrooms, labs and community campuses extend far beyond the city to reach nearly two-thirds of the Last Frontier. As a UAF student, Alaska's 360-million-acre campus will be at your doorstep. Turn the handle. Step outside. Discover a new world.

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  • Anthropology field school
    Anthropology field school
  • Music student
    Music student
  • Winter biking
    Winter biking
  • Wilderness Welcome
    Wilderness Welcome
  • Fairbanks student life
    Fairbanks student life
  • Dry cabin living
    Dry cabin living
  • Choosing UAF
    Choosing UAF
  • Chena River research
    Chena River research
  • Reindeer research
    Reindeer research
  • Living in Fairbanks
    Living in Fairbanks
  • Fitting in at UAF
    Fitting in at UAF
  • Being part of the pep band
    Being part of the pep band
  • Student advice
    Student advice
  • SpringFest
  • International affairs alum.
    International affairs alum.