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Compared to the mid-1990s, UAF now conducts four times the level of research activity with only 25 percent more space.


Investment in life sciences research provides a high return; every $1 in state funds leverages an average of $6 in federal research funding.

An integrated research and teaching facility for all of Alaska

The Life Sciences Facility will allow UAF to:

  • address a critical shortage of instructional classrooms and research lab space for life sciences programs, UAF’s most popular degree programs.
  • meet the goals of the UAF Strategic Plan 2010 by providing required infrastructure for research and academic programs.
  • provide space to attract and retain talented research investigators to secure competitive research grants.

The Life Sciences Facility is needed for Alaska to maintain high standards of instruction, training and research.

UAF ranks in the top 100 of the nearly 700 U.S. universities that conduct research, in the top 70 among public universities, and in the top 20 among public universities without medical schools.


A recent McDowell Group study shows that for every $1 million invested by the state in university research, 149 jobs are created with $4.8 million in payroll and another $1.5 to $2 million in purchases. Since UAF accounts for 90 percent of all UA research, we are the primary contributor to those jobs and purchases.

Project Scope

The Life Sciences Facility will feature modern academic space for more than 600 biology and wildlife degree students and more than 1,200 additional students who take biology courses each year.

Research space will feature a series of labs for as many as 12 lead researchers who will also employ seven to 10 scientists each.

The facility will connect 40,000 square feet of academic space with 57,700 square feet of research space. Once complete, space in other buildings will become available for renovation and reassignment for other programs, creating a domino effect that will benefit all students, staff and faculty at UAF.

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FY11 Capital Budget Request

New construction..........$88 million general fund

New construction..........$20.6 million nongeneral fund

Capital request..............$108.6 million