Department Staff and UAF Ichthyology Lab Students

J. Andrés López, Ph.D.

Curator of Fishes and Marine Invertebrates, University of Alaska Museum

Assistant Professor, Division of Fisheries, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Office: 907-474-7828


Robert Marcotte (Collection Technician, M.S. student, Fisheries)

Andrew Dimond (Fisheries Intern)

Harrison DeSanto (Collections assistant)

Thaddaeus Buser (M.S. student, Fisheries)

Matthew A. Campbell (M.S. student, Biology)

Emily A. Lescak (Ph.D. student, Fisheries)

Veronica Padula (M.S. student, Fisheries)

Joshua T. Ream (Ph.D. student, Applied Ecological Anthropology)

Former members

Scott Ayers, M.S. in Fisheries (UAF).

Scott served as collections assistant in 2008 when he helped conduct an inventory of the collections holdings.  He is currently working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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