Dr. Pat Druckenmiller climbing to a dinosaur track site.

Dr. Pat Druckenmiller

Curator of Earth Science
Associate Professor of Geology, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Office: (907) 474-6954

Pat Druckenmiller is a vertebrate paleontologist with a research emphasis on Mesozoic marine reptiles (particularly plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs) and dinosaurs of Alaska. He became the Earth Sciences Curator in 2007 after moving up from Montana. Pat has conducted paleontological fieldwork across much of the western US and Canada and has active field sites across Alaska, including the southeastern panhandle, the Alaska Peninsula, the North Slope, and several locations in between.

Julie Rousseau at Janusfjellet.

Julie Rousseau

Collection Manager
Office: (907) 474-6946
Lab: (907) 474-7862

Julie has been involved in paleontology fieldwork since her undergraduate years. She slowly made her way up North, from southern Canada to arctic Norway, before joining the Museum of the North in April 2012.

Research Interests
Mesozoic echinoderms, high-latitude paleontology, taphonomy, biogeography.

B.S. Biology Major, Anthropology Minor, McGill University, 2008.
M.S. Paleontology, University of Oslo, 2011.
Thesis: A Late Jurassic Boreal echinoderm Lagerstätte from Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway.

Rousseau, Julie and Nakrem, Hans Arne. 2012. An Upper Jurassic Boreal echinoderm Lagerstätte from Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen. Norwegian Journal of Geology 92: 133-161. Find article.

Graduate students

Hirotsugu Mori working at the imaging station.

Katherine L. Anderson

B.S. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology Minor, University of Michigan, 2012
Ph.D. student, Geology
GK-12 Fellow

Preliminary thesis title: Age structure and growth dynamics of ichthyosaurs: using osteohistology to test hypotheses of growth rates and metabolism in a clade of secondarily aquatic marine tetrapods.

Hirotsugu Mori working at the imaging station.

Hirotsugu Mori

Ph.D., Geology
Dissertation defense March 6, 2014.

Thesis: Osteology, Relationships and Paleoecology of a new Arctis Hadrosaurid (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Prince Creek Formation of Northern Alaska.

Danielle during Research Day.
Photo by Rick Hayes.

Danielle Serratos

B.S. Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, 2011
M.S. student, Geology
GK-12 Fellow
Geist Fund recipient

Preliminary thesis title: Description, Taphonomy, and Geology of an elasmosaur (Reptilia: Plesiosauroidea) from the Bearpaw Shale, Montana.

Danielle's work aims to develop a better understanding of plesiosaurid phylogenetic relationships and anatomy. She has been doing preparation work on an elasmosaur from the Bearpaw Shale of the Charles Russell Wildlife Refuge since August 2011. She has a passion for Mesozoic marine reptiles and public education and outreach. Through her GK-12 Fellowship, she works on educating local Fairbanks children and military families with Discover Science Expo for Kids!, a program she has developed at Fort Wainwright.

Undergraduate students and volunteers

Bobby Ebelhar
B.S. student, Geosciences
Student employee (databasing) and volunteer (fossil preparation)

Meghan Shay
B.S. student, Geosciences: Paleontology Option
Student employee (databasing)

Michelle Sutton
B.S. student, Wildlife Biology
Student employee (databasing)

Jacob Van Veldhuizen
B.S. Geology, UAF, 2009.
M.S. Vertebrate Paleontology, Texas Tech University, 2013.
Volunteer (fossil preparation)

Nicole Warner
B.S. student
Volunteer (fossil preparation)

Student employees Michelle and Bobby during our 2013 Halloween open house.
Student employees Michelle and Bobby during our 2013 Halloween Open House.

Past students and volunteers

Erica Blake
B.S. Geology, 2012
Undergraduate research project (Spring 2012): Mapping Pleistocene fossil vertebrate in the CRREL Permafrost Tunnel in Fox, Alaska.

Emma Boone
B.S. Biology
Museum Research Apprenticeship (MRAP)
Volunteer (Field work and fossil preparation)

Alex Edgar
B.S. Geology, 2013
Brina Kessel Excellence in Science Award 2013
Research Experience for Undergraduate (NSF-REU) intern
Undergraduate Research project (Fall 2012): Photo Atlas of Dinosaur Tracks from the Nanushuk Formation.
Student employee (fossil preparation)

Hannah Foss
B.F.A. Computer Arts, 2013
2012-2013 Helen Walker Memorial Fund and Patricia A. Davis Memorial Scholarship
Student employee (databasing, paleontological art)

Emily Jones
B.S. student, Geology
Volunteer (fossil preparation)

Sara Klingensmith
B.S. Biology, 2013
Volunteer (fossil preparation)

Meg O'Connor
B.S. student, Geosciences, Williams College, MA
Summer intern, 2013

Rebecca Parrish
B.S. Geology, 2013
UAF Outstanding Graduate Award, Geology 2013
Student employee (databasing)

John Scott
B.S. Biology and Geology, 2012
Undergraduate research project (Spring 2012): Microfossil extraction techniques and micropaleoecology of the CREEL permafrost tunnel in Fox, Alaska.

Kevin P. Stack
M.S. Geology, 2012
Thesis title: Taphonomy and phylogenetic relationships of the Talkeetna Mountains hadrosaur.

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