Auditorium Films

The museum has produced several feature films over the last decade. Currently showing in the Museum’s auditorium during summer months are Dynamic Aurora, Winter, and You Are Here.

Dynamic Aurora takes visitors on a journey from the sun to the stories of northerner s who see the northern lights year after year. The show explains how the aurora borealis is created and showcases some of the best time-lapse photography of the lights anywhere.

Winter explores the science and the realities of cold and living in the far north. Watch ground squirrels wake from hibernation, Fairbanksians race outhouses, and learn about how animals and humans alike cope over winter.

You are Here takes a trip through the connected worlds of museum collections and exhibits, a journey that spans millions of years through every season. The UA Museum of the North is Alaska in microcosm. Explore Alaska through the eyes of a museum of natural and cultural history.

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