Movies & Programs

Museum Movies - Winter 2015

Explore the museum's 30-minute movies. Purchase a $5 museum movie ticket at the admission desk for unlimited access to the day's movies.

  • Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs at 10am
  • Dynamic Aurora at 11am
  • Arctic Currents at 12pm
  • Dynamic Aurora at 1pm
  • Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs at 2pm
  • Dynamic Aurora at 3pm
  • Arctic Currents at 4pm

Dynamic Aurora

Dynamic Aurora captures the beauty of the northern lights and explains this high-latitude phenomena from scientific and cultural perspectives. Presented in partnership with the UAF Geophysical Institute. Watch movie preview.

Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs

Expedition Dinosaurs follows UAMN paleontologists as they collect fossils from every corner of Alaska - from the frigid North Slope to the mountains of Central and Southwest Alaska to the coastal forests of Southeast.  Watch the movie preview.

Arctic Currents: A Year in the Life of the Bowhead Whale

Arctic Currents tells the story of the bowhead whale migration through Arctic waters. It is created entirely from original artwork, computer animation and recorded sounds produced by the museum’s digital media team. Watch the movie preview.

Audio Tour / Alaska App

Hear wildlife calls, Alaska Native languages, historic footage and more. Select from 76 segments that complement the material on display.

The museum's audio tour comes alive with our new app.  Download The Alaska App and take the UA Museum of the North with you everywhere.  

Lectures & Family Programs

The museum offers lectures, book readings and family programs throughout the fall, winter and spring. For more information on these events, please visit our online events calendar.
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