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Museum researchers and experts are consulted by a variety of media and science communication professionals around the globe. For a more detailed list of stories and consultations, visit our media archive page.

Mastodons disappeared from ancient Berengia before humans arrived

Find out how new radiocarbon dating of mastodon fossils, most of them from the museum's collections, suggest an early extinction in Beringia. Several UAF scientists, including curator Pat Druckenmiller, were co-authors of the research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (Popular Archaeology; December 1, 2014)

Researchers identify ancient Alaska marine reptile

Scientists led by Curator Pat Druckenmiller have identified the first ichthyosaur discovered in Alaska. Read a story about the journey of the fossil from the North Slope to the museum and now (Alaska Dispatch News; November 24, 2014)

Fairbanks' Museum of the North adds rare beetle to collection

Insect Curator Derek Sikes added a unique specimen to the colleciton recently. Read a story about the discovery and see some great photos. (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner; September 14, 2014)

Specimen collection: An essential tool

Read the response by the museum's curator of birds and more than 120 of his colleagues to a criticism of scientific collecting in the journal Science. (Science Magazine; May 23, 2014)

Frogs survive subzero temperatures living as ice cubes

Watch a video of an Interior Alaska wood frog freezing and thawing on the Discover Magazine website. The video was created by Head of Production Roger Topp for the museum's special exhibit Hibernation and the Science of Cold. (Discover Magazine online; April 22, 2014)

Museum 3D collections featured in May National Geographic Magazine

The Idaho Virtualization Laboratory's project to complete a 3D scan database of arctic mammals will be featured in the May issue of National Geographic. At front and center is a picture of Bison Bob, a 36,000-year-old mummified steppe bison from the UA Museum of the North's earth sciences collection. (Idaho State Journal; April 18, 2014)

Composer John Luther Adams, longtime Alaskan, wins Pulitzer Prize

John Luther Adams, the composer of the museum's permanent sound and light installation The Place Where You Go to Listen, has received the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for music. (Anchorage Daily News; April 14, 2014)

Museum Experts Sift through the Arctic's Second Largest Butterfly Collection

Listen to Curator of Insects Derek Sikes talk about the legacy of Kenelm Philip, a local lepidopterist whose passion for collecting will be housed at the Smithsonian Institute and the UA Museum of the North. (KUAC; April 14, 2014)

Fairbanks scientists discover trove of dinosaur fossils along the Yukon River

Explore the discovery of a major new source of dinosaur fossils along the Yukon River by Curator of Earth Sciences Pat Druckenmiller and Operations Manager Kevin May. (Alaska Dispatch; Sept. 22, 2013)

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