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The Vision & Direction of D&EO...

The UAF Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity has been challenged “to develop new initiatives that celebrate our diverse community and provide critical programs and services that ensure UAF is an open, caring, and supportive institution.”

“I want to stress that UAF has not and will not back off in our efforts to support a diverse faculty and student body. I've asked UAF governance groups to work with me in a task force to plan actions that demonstrate our commitment to our diverse students, whether Latino, African American, Asian American, Alaska Native, active duty military and veterans, LGBT, international, students with disabilities, and all others.” 

Chancellor Brian Rogers

Convocation, September 13, 2012



D&EO...bringing diverse people together!


Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity leads a focused effort to build inclusive systems at UAF by

  • ensuring compliance with civil rights laws;
  • providing advice and direction to administration, faculty, staff, supervisors and students;
  • and by institutionalizing processes to eradicate discrimination and build equity.


What are the outcomes of institutionalizing diversity?

  • A welcoming environment for all
  • A decline in conflict
  • Well-defined diversity goals linked with university goals
  • Healthy programs to integrate new faculty and staff members
  • Diversity elements integrated into accountability systems
  • Professional development to enhance diversity competency
  • Outreach that brings the diversity of the community onto campus and makes UAF a cultural center
  • Formal mentoring programs
  • Exit interview information that is used to continually improve the campus and relationships
  • Improved academic support for students
  • Marketing that represents the face of the campus
  • And more...


What does affirmative action offer you?

  • Sound advice based in law
  • Thoroughly analyzed demographic information
  • A robust action plan focused on closing demographic gaps
  • Metrics and measurable results rather than just a good faith effort to close the gaps
  • Fair hiring and employment practices
  • Outreach and active support of community service programs
  • Collaborating for diversity events and observations
  • An outreach and diversity report for recruitments
  • Extensive outreach and hiring benchmarks for veterans
  • Extensive outreach and hiring targets for people with disabilities


What does compliance mean for you?

  • Your rights are protected
  • You are informed about how to get assistance with issues
  • Your workplace issues are resolved early, through mediation and collaboration
  • If you have a disability, you will get the accommodations you need
  • You will get professionally conducted investigations if you file a complaint
  • Your complaints of discrimination will be processed in a timely way
  • Your department and the university will continue to receive federal funding and grants


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