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OGCA Banner FRAPROP Entry Guidelines

Information for each proposal must be entered into the Banner Finance System (proposal module) before a proposal is routed to OGCA for review. To login to Banner click here

You must complete training with OGCA Pre-Award before you can receive write access to the proposal module. Contact OGCA Pre-Award staff for more information about training.

To delete, link, or unlink a proposal:

If you need to have a proposal entry deleted, linked, or unlinked, please contact the UA Controller's Office.

If the principal investigator or agency code is not listed in Banner:

If you cannot find the principal investigator's (PI) name in Banner, first try entering the PI's UA ID number. If the PI has not been entered into the Banner system, list the Dean or Director as PI until the PI is entered in the system and update accordingly. If the agency code cannot be found, use the appropriate agency code for 'other.'

Agency Code Agency - Other 

PNOTHER - Other Nonprofit Organizations
PUOTHER - Other Universities
PCOTHER - Other Corporations
SOTHER - State Agencies Other Than Alaska State
LOTHER - Other Local Governments
PIOTHER - International Other

Data entry resources:

Data entry procedures for FRAPROP:

New, regular proposal

  • Create a new proposal in FRAPROP. Follow the procedures outlined in the OGCA Banner FRAPROP Entry Guidelines. The direct access screen for proposal data entry in Banner is FRAPROP.


  • Create as a new proposal in FRAPROP, and mark the proposal type as "PP" for pre-proposal.

Supplemental funding

  • Supplemental funding is additional funding to a current project that is independent from the original awarded amount (a new pot of money).
  • Create a new proposal and link the new proposal to the original proposal.

Continuations - New award each year 

  • Continuations awards are made each funding cycle even though the original proposal was a multiple year project. The continuation award is independent from the awarded amount in the previous year.
  • Create a new proposal and link the new proposal to the original proposal.

Continuations - Progress report and budget request required by sponsor each year 

  • A progress report and budget request must be sent to the sponsor each funding cycle. The continuation award is not independent from the original award.
  • Do not create a new proposal in FRAPROP. When continuation funds are received by the university, a new budget request form should be sent to OGCA. OGCA will make changes in the Banner grant module. All data originally entered in Banner proposal module remains the same.

Proposals Involving Multiple MAUs

  • Each MAU should enter their respective piece and budget amount into FRAPROP, and the proposals should be linked (all non-lead portions should be linked to the parent proposal). No entry should reflect the total request for all MAUs. Each MAU should also use its respective F&A rate for their portion. Each MAU will have its own 'S' number.


  • Create a new entry and enter a note into the text form (FOATEXT) and reference the previously awarded project.
  • IF the sponsor considers the renewal an amendment or modification to an existing award, create a new entry and link the new entry to the Banner number of the original proposal.

Revisions to a proposal before official award notification 

  • Update the current Banner entry. Do not create a new proposal in Banner.

Revisions to a proposal after official award notification 

  • Do not update the proposal information. All data originally entered in the Banner proposal module remains the same. OGCA will make changes in the Banner grants module.
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