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 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in International Exchange.


 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in Domestic Exchange through the National Student Exchange (NSE).


 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in International Internship and Field Experience.


 I am interested in an Exchange to UAF.

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Feature of the Month: Johanna Bocklet



Johanna Bocklet is a graduate student in Economics at UAF. She is from Koblenz, Germany, a city similar to Fairbanks. Johanna started her bachelor’s degree in Economics in Heidelberg University and wanted to study abroad for a semester. She didn’t know a lot about Alaska when she chose to go to school here but when she got here, she was infatuated. She was fascinated by the Alaskan outdoor, waking up to see the mountains outside her window every morning and viewing the northern lights.

After a semester at UAF, she returned to Germany to finish her degree and realized her bond with Alaska was more than an infatuation. She got so used to being living and learning in and around the wilderness in Alaska that on her return, Heidelberg seemed to lose some of its familiarity. She also missed the close attention that the professors provide to the students at UAF because of the small class sizes.

She didn’t really know if she wanted to do a job or go to grad school after she earned her bachelor’s degree. But given the chance, she would definitely go back to experience more of Alaska. She says, “I applied to UAF for a master’s in Economics degree in the summer of 2014, got accepted and also got offered a job as a Teaching Assistant in the economics department!” She says her master’s program is quite interesting and absorbing.

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Coming to the U.S.


 I am an International Student and I want to apply at UAF or I am a Newly Admitted Student.


 I am a Current International Student at UAF.


I am an International Researcher/Scholar or Professor and I want to do research or teach at UAF.


 I am a New International Scholar Employee or Faculty at UAF.

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