Authorization Request Form Instructions

UAF H-1B Authorization Request Form Instructions:

Authorization Request Form

Section 1 : Beneficiary Information

  • Complete the name section as the names appear on the passport. If possible, provide a copy of the passport identification page. The gender is required for document issuance.
  • Current physical address is the current physical residence address (not an employer’s address or post office box). If the “home country residence address” is the same as the “Present Address,” write “Same.” Include the postal code if applicable..
  • Birth date, State or Province and Country of Birth; Country of Permanent Residence and Country of Citizenship are required fields and may be different. Example: an individual may be born in country A, but be a citizen of country B by virtue of parents citizenship, and a resident of country C, the most recent country where they have lived as a dependent, student, employee, etc.
  • U.S. Social Security #: If the individual has a U.S. Social Security number, please enter it; if they do not have one, please enter “None”
  • List major area of study, and list academic degrees , etc.: Field of study is a required field of the H-1B application. The H-1B requires at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree in the specialized area of the position.
  • Applicant’s Present Occupation, etc.: If the individual is not currently employed (for example, students who have graduated but are not yet employed), enter “Not applicable”.
  • Transferring from other U.S. Employer: If this is marked “yes”, it means that the person is already in the U.S. on a visa. The International Advisor needs copies of all U.S. immigration documents in order to process the transfer application.
  • United States Consulate to which visa application will be made: 1) Need city and country only if the individual is outside the U.S. and requires a visa for entry. 2) If the individual is already in the U.S. , they will not need to apply for an H-1B visa to remain here, this should be marked N/A.
  • Proposed Port of Entry: If the individual is outside of the U.S. , which U.S. city do they intend to use to enter the U.S. . If they are already in the U.S. on an H1B visa, this should be marked “Not applicable”
  • “To your knowledge, have you or has any other person or organization ever filed labor certification forms…”, etc.: If an application for U.S. permanent residence (green card) has be filed by the individual or on his or her behalf, the International Advisor needs copies of all the forms I-797, Notice of Action that are applicable to the petition(s). Additionally, a statement from the beneficiary’s attorney indicating that the application for the UAF-sponsored H-1B will not negatively impact the PR application is required.
  • Has the applicant previously been in the U.S. : Y/N: If yes, please provide information on when, where and which visa status. This can be done on a separate sheet if the individual has been in the U.S. multiple times. Canadians should be as specific as possible for the preceding seven (7) years.
  • Dependent information is required if the dependents will need documents to accompany the primary visa holder (beneficiary).

Section 2 : Program Information to be completed by the UAF sponsoring department

Section 2 is the department information side that has to be signed by the Department Head and Dean so that they are aware that the department is sponsoring an H1B employee.

  • Requested Dates of Stay: What date do you (the requesting department) want the individual to begin and when do you (the department) expect the individual to complete their employment (up to a maximum of three years).
  • University Title: the Human Resource-assigned position title.
  • Department or Division: Department requesting the documents for the individual
  • Total Annual UAF Salary/Support for Requested Dates: annual salary. H-1B Employee in Specialty Occupation, a UAF contract letter is the only acceptable financial documentation.
  • Description of intended activity: The department provides a short explanation of whatthe beneficiary will do while employed and where the physical location of their employment will be while in the U.S. under this visa category. For example: Research in mammal hibernation, IAB/UAF/Fairbanks, Alaska ; or Seafood research, UAF/SFOS/Kodiak, Alaska .

Processing Charge: Currently pending – information is not required at this time.

Contact information and signatures: Please use a contact person who will be available through the majority of the processing time. Include name, phone, fax, email address, and campus physical location.

Department Chair and Dean or Directors’ signatures are required.

Comments are optional.

Please include a copy of the applicant’s passport identification page with the visa request form so that the internationally recognized English spelling of the visitor’s name will be used.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

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