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Mexican and Canadian NAFTA Professional Worker


NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement creating special economic and trade relationships for the United States , Canada and Mexico .  The nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico , as NAFTA professionals to work in the United States .  Permanent residents, including Canadian permanent residents, are not able to apply to work as a NAFTA professional. 

How Can Professionals from Mexico and Canada Work in the United States?

Requirements for Canadian Citizens

Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Mexican Citizens - Applying for a TN Visa - Required Documentation

Employment Letter

What are the Required Fees?

Additional Documentation or Qualifying Requirements

Licensure Requirements

Spouses and Children

How Long Can TN Visa Holders Remain in the U.S. ?

Extension of Stay

The NAFTA Professionals Job Series List

Additional Information

Misrepresentation of a Material Facts, or Fraud

Visa Ineligibility/ Waiver

Visa Denials

Entering the U.S. - Port of Entry

Further Visa Inquiries

Canadian Trade NAFTA (TN) Admission Checklist

Questions or Additional Information

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