Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment for your semester's tuition, fees, and on-campus housing, approximately $9,000-10,000, is due within the first full week of classes. If you have not been awarded a graduate research or teaching assistant or graduate fellowship, you must pay the total amounts of tuition and fees during the fee payment period. This can total approximately $8,000-9,000 or more, depending on the number of credits you register for. Graduate assistantships and fellowships generally include the payment of tuition as part of the award. You will need to take your award letter to the UAF Graduate School before the tuition payment can be processed.  If you have income subject to U.S. tax withholding, you are responsible for the payment of all U.S. tax which will be assessed to your student account or withheld from each of your paychecks during the year, whichever may be applicable. You should ask your department payroll person if your income will be taxed.  U.S. tax will be discussed during orientation.

Payment Options

  • Cash at the Bursar's Office
  • Checks or travelers checks drawn on a U.S. bank at the Bursar's Office
  • Fund transfers through peerTransfer.  UAF has partnered with this company to provide an easy, fast option for transfering funds from your home country directly to UAF. Generally funds may be transfered in the home country currency and converted to U.S. dollars at the point of transfer. Please visit peerTransfer for more information.  You will need to allow a few days for the transfer to be completed and applied to your UAF account.
  • Credit card. Before you arrive in the U.S., verify the daily amount you are allowed to charge on your credit card with your credit card company to make sure you can pay your fees in full. If the daily limit is not sufficient to pay the charges, you may need to make several charges. UAF accepts Discover, VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Credit card payments may be made through your UAOnline account.
  • Payment plan - you may be able to establish a payment plan with the UAF Bursar's Office. There is a $50 processing charge to establish the plan. Late payments will be subject to late charges added to your account.

Graduate students with funding: Do not depend on money from your assistantship or fellowship when you arrive. You will not receive your first paycheck for at least 4 to 6 weeks after arrival.

Arrive with as much money as possible, preferably in the form of money orders, travelers, cashiers or certified checks drawn on a U.S. bank. For personal safety reasons, it is best not to travel with a large sum of currency unless absolutely necessary. You will need this amount of money on arrival for living expenses.  Payment for tuition, fees and books must be arranged during the first week of classes.  If you are renting housing off campus, you may need to provide both the first and last month's rent, plus an additional sum of money for a "security deposit" (often $400-500).

All payment arrangements must be made before the end of the fee payment period. Failure to do so may be the basis for students to be dropped from all classes for nonpayment, which leads to possible immigration status violations. Please plan ahead and make arrangements as soon as possible.

SPECIAL NOTE for Summer Session students:  If you are issued an I-20 for summer attendance at UAF, payment of tuition and fees must be made before your summer class(es) begin.  Some courses have early payment deadlines. Check with UAF Summer Sessions (email for specific payment dates for your class(es).

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