Information and Reminders

Reminders :

Travel over the summer:  If you traveled outside the U.S. over the summer and received a new I-94 card (little white card, stapled in your passport) on your return to the U.S., please remember to stop by our office so that we can make a copy for your file.

Health Insurance Charge Waiver:

If you need an insurance waiver to avoid paying the UAF Health Insurance charge, you must bring the waiver form to our office for approval before submitting it to the Business Office.  You will need to bring documentation of current insurance that includes your name, policy effective dates, and coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains both to the home country.  The policy needs to be comparable to the UAF student health plan.  The form is available at  The form needs to be submitted to the Business Office on or before the last day of fee payment.

Graduate students receiving RAs/TAs/Fellowships will have insurance adjustments made in the Graduate School and do not need to submit the waiver for.

Final Semester:  If this is your final semester and you will be graduating - congratulations.  If you wish to enroll less than full time, you need to receive approval before the end of late registration.  Please have your academic advisor submit a request for below full time enrollment.  Information is available on our website at (Final Semester Request for Reduced Course Load).

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