National Student Exchange

We are so pleased that you have chosen to exchange to the University of Alaska Fairbanks!  Below, please find information regarding finalizing your application and materials you will need for your exchange.

This page is for use by INCOMING NSE exchange students who have been placed at UAF.  If you are a current UAF student who wishes to apply for the NSE program, please click here.

Finalizing your Placement

After you have been accepted for a semester or year exchange through NSE, your Home NSE Coordinator will have you fill out a Placement Acceptance Form (PAF), which confirms your placement here at UAF.  Your Home NSE Coordinator will then send the PAF to our office.

In addition to your PAF, we need to receive:

If you are a Domestic Student:

If you are a Canadian Student:

Once we receive your application materials, you will be entered into our system and assigned a student ID number.  Information about housing, meal plans, and course registration will be sent to you shortly afterwards.

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