UAF-OLLI converted to e-newsletters in 2012. We send a newsletter out by email every month, typically in the first week of the month.

Send us an email if you want to be added to our e-newsletter list. Our email address is:

Survey Results

Summary results of the May 2015 member survey can be downloaded below. (NOTE: The OLLI Board of Directors did read all comments submitted, but those are not included in the summary document.)

Click here to download survey results (pdf, 228 KB)

Course Catalog - Spring 2016

NOTE: We expect to have the Fall 2016 catalog available for download by the end of July.










CLICK HERE to download the 36-page catalog as a pdf file.

This is a pdf file of the printed catalog.  Between the time the catalog goes to print and the time classes start, some things always change.

Click the link to get a short pdf file with all the changes: cancellations, date and time changes, and extra classes.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf file of changes to the catalog as of 3/31/16.

How are we doing?

Our Annual Report includes number and type of members, classes and excursions offered, and finances.

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