Fall 2018 registration will open on August 22.

Click the link below to go to the online registration site.

The link will open a new window.  Keep this window open to refer to the instructions below for help in navigating the new registration site.

Click HERE to Browse & Register for OLLI Classes

You must be a current member in order to register online.

You can purchase your membership online (after Jan. 1) OR contact the OLLI office.

Regular annual membership in UAF-OLLI costs $35 per person. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take fewer than 10 OLLI courses in a calendar year (January through December, including both spring and fall). You will pay $15 for each class you take.

Unlimited membership combines membership ($35) with unlimited classes for a calendar year ($150), for a total cost of $185. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take more than 10 OLLI courses in a calendar year.

Class placement is first-come, first-served. You'll know right away whether you got into the classes you wanted, and you can choose whether or not to join a waitlist for classes that are full.

As of mid-December 2014, online payment by credit card is now available. You can select and purchase your annual membership online. After you register, you can pay for your classes online as well.

**Registration Changes for 2017**

WHAT:   On the day registration opens, you can enroll and/or waitlist in up to 3 courses in Session I and 3 more in Session II. Starting the next day , you can select as many more courses as you wish.

WHY:   1) The registration system will now limit the number of people who can be logged in at one time; others will be given a numbered place in line. This is a new feature put in place to prevent the system from crashing like it did during the first minute of Fall 2016 registration, when individuals' repeated tries to log in jammed the system. If each person selects at most 6 courses, the line should move quickly and wait times won't be very long.
           2) Demand exceeds capacity for many of our courses. Limiting first-day enrollment will give more people a chance to get into one of those high-demand courses.

How to Log In

You can browse the course offerings without being logged in, but you'll need to log in when you want to register. Enter your username and password; then click "Login."
Use the "Forgot your password?" link if you need to have your username and password emailed to you.

Navigating the OLLI ProClass Website: Searching for classes

You must pick a "semester" from the drop-down menu.  Courses are organized online with separate "semesters" for Session I (including Add-On I) and Session II (including Add-On II), to make it easier for people to browse for courses that meet in a particular time frame.

Choosing one "Topic" from the drop-down list will narrow your search. You can also try choosing an "Instructor". If you choose BOTH a topic and an instructor, it will look for a course that is labeled with that topic AND is taught by that instructor. We recommend searching by topic, leaving instructor as "any."

We only have "Courses," so leave the default mark in that space.  If you try clicking "Bundles" you won't get any results.

Once you've selected your search parameters using one or more of the drop-down menus, click the "Search" button.

Register or Join Wait List

Classes offered in that semester with that topic will be shown. At the bottom of the listing for each class, you'll see a "Status" line. Status will be "Available" if there's space in the class; you can click "Register" to enroll in the class.
If the class status is FULL, you'll see "Wait List" instead of "Register." Click on "Wait List" if you want to join the wait list.

Select Students

After you click "Register," you'll see this screen. Click in the box beside the names of the people you wish to register in this class.

Note that if you have a family account with two or more OLLI members, you can register both people for the same class at the same time by checking both boxes.  If you are the only contact on your account, there will be only one name shown, but you still have to check the box.

NOTE: The system checks for time conflicts. If you try to register for two classes that overlap in time, it will give you an error message when you try to complete your registration, and it will give you a chance to remove one of the classes to avoid the conflict.

Pending Registrations

You now have a course in "Pending Registrations."

If you want to add more courses, click "Search for more courses" to repeat the procedure of finding and registering for a class. When you are done, click "Complete my registration."

UPDATE as of Aug. 2016: The ProClass system will hold courses  as "pending" for 30 MINUTES. This new, expanded time limit should give you plenty of time to register for all your desired classes. If you haven't completed your registration within 30 minutes, it will release your space in your pending class(es) and you'll have to start over. So, note the time, and be sure to move on to "Complete Registration" well before your 30 minutes are up. If you are paying online by credit card, leave yourself several minutes to complete that step, especially if your connection is slow. If you need to, split your registrations into two or more batches so you won't go over 30 minutes.

Conflict Warnings

You'll see a warning message in a yellow box if any of the courses you just selected conflict with each other OR with any courses for which you registered previously. To remove a course from your list, click the word "Remove" in the row containing that course.
Note that once you've completed registration for a course, you must contact the OLLI office if you wish to cancel your registration.

Confirm Courses: Conflict Warning 

Select Payment Options

The default option on this screen is "Full" (i.e. pay now) which allows you to pay by credit card online.  If you prefer to mail us a check or to pay in person at the OLLI office, you must click the "Pay Later" button on EVERY row that you wish to pay later. Then click the "continue" button to finish.

If you are registering in the first 1/2 hour that registration is open, select "PAY LATER" to reduce the chance of problems. You can log back in later that day or the next day and pay when the system isn't under high stress.

Confirm Courses: Payment Options

Credit Card Payment

You will probably see a screen that says "Processing, please wait" before you reach the credit card payment screen. Be  patient; especially if you have a relatively slow internet connection.

Once you've reached the credit card screen, select the type of card; type in your card number; select the expiration date, and correct the name that auto-filled so that it will match the name as printed on the credit card. Then click "Continue."

Expect another bit of waiting while the transaction is processed.

NOTE: The charge will appear as "UAF E Commerce Web  907-4746412AK" on your credit card statement.

Credit Card payment screen

Registration Complete

The list on this screen will ONLY show the course(s) you registered for in the current batch, not any previous registrations. We recommend that you click the link to get a printable record to keep. You'll also get a copy in your email.

If you paid by credit card, the bottom of the screen will tell how much was charged to your card, and whether you have any remaining balance:

If you selected the "Pay Later" option, your balance due will be shown at the bottom of the screen and below your name in the "WELCOME" box:

Log Out or Search for More Courses

Click "Search" if you want to register for another batch of courses, or "Log Out" if you're done.


We hope you'll find the new online payment option easy and convenient.

If you do not want to pay online, you have these options:

1) Write a check to "OLLI" for the amount due and mail it to us at
PO Box 758100
Fairbanks, AK 99775

2) Drop by our office the next business day to pay with credit card, check or cash.
We are located in room 159 of UAF's University Park Building, 1000 University Ave.
OLLI staff will be busy on registration day helping members get registered in classes, so we won't have time to process payments that day.

Office hours while classes are not in session:
9 am - 2 pm, Monday through Thursday (closed Fridays)

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