Nikolay Medvedev – Withdrew from competition

Nikolay Medvedev was born in Krasnodar, Russia, in 1986. 

Medvedev is a laureate of many international competitions. He took second prize in the 2012 Vladimir Horowitz International Competition for Young Pianists in Kiev, Ukraine.

Medvedev has given many concerts as a soloist in Russia and European countries, including Denmark, Norway, Israel, Germany, France and Poland.

Medvedev has studied with Professor Nelly Mezhlumova, who was a pupil of the famous Russian pianist and pedagogue Evgeny Malinin, and with Professor Alexey Scavronsky, a famous pupil of Alexander Goldenweiser and Grigory Ginsburg. 

He currently studies with and assists the great Russian teacher and pianist Tatiana Zelikman. 

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