Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention Program

This program will empower staff and students to actively take steps that will prevent personal and University property theft.

Targeted audience- All University staff, faculty and students

Goal of the program– The reduction to loss of University property and personal items will benefit the UPD, campus departments, and individuals on campus

Security Audits will be re-established on a formalized posted web calendar. Each building will have a baseline on-site security review completed twice a year and the head of the department will receive a written report with specific recommendations for improvement to reduce personal and University risk of theft. Random ‘spot’ checks will be performed with ‘Red Cards’ (warning cards) given for potential areas of theft. The result is to produce a campus-wide awareness of high risk areas and to mitigate through simple behavior changes the risk of theft. Areas that show great improvement or high participation in prevention activities will be rewarded. The desire is to get greater backing from individual units for enforcing recommended changes.

Program Contact is Deputy Chief Goetz at 474-7721

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