Employment Opportunities:



Emergency Dispatcher trainee position- None at this time


General information for emergency dispatcher positions:

Please read vacancy requirements thoroughly before applying.

Please check www.alaska.edu/jobs/ for how to apply to UAF jobs.

Contact UAF Police at 907-474-6290 for information on question regarding applying and position requirements.

Three professional references MUST be submitted that contain the name, professional relationship (supervisor, co-worker, owner) , company or organization, contact phone number, email and mailing address. Volunteer organization references may be used.  

Applicant must be able to pass thorough background investigation (no prior convictions of any nature, good employment history back to age 18 -all employers will be contacted, current vehicle registration and insurance, good financial history),  be able to work 10 hour shifts as assigned and complete a 10-12 week training program.  No re-location pay or reimbursement is available. Must be able to type 40 words per minute with no more than one error (39 words per minute net) and upload certified typing test as required with the online application as a supporting document. Typing tests can be taken at local job center.

On-line typing tests will not be accepted.             



Police Officer Positions- Now Recruiting- www.alaska.edu/jobs/

UAF Police Department



Job Number: 501284

Please check www.alaska.edu/jobs/ for recruitment details and how to apply.

Contact UAF Police at 907-474-6290 for information on applying and requirements.

To prepare for applying, please read below.

The University Police Department employs full time, professional sworn officers that are or can be certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council.

Officers are responsible for enforcing Alaska state statutes, investigating incidents, arresting perpetrators of criminal activity, and maintaining order on the university property.

Applicants must successfully complete rigorous pre- employment testing to include physical, written, oral interview, polygraph, psychological  and medical examinations to be considered for employment.

Applicants must meet required entrance standards set by the Alaska Police Standards Council. http://dps.alaska.gov/APSC/

If you are interested in applying, please review the list below to start preparing your application and the required documents to be uploaded.

Apply to recruitment-www.alaska.edu/jobs/

Submit application with the following form and documents uploaded:

Alaska Police Standards Council F-3 form- http://dps.alaska.gov/APSC/docs/forms/F-3.pdf

Must follow driections on form and have completed form signed and notarized

with all back-up documents attached (uploaded):

    a. required- copy of birth certificate of passport

    b. required- official transcript for high school graduation or GED

    c. required- copy of current drivers license

    e. required- copy of vehicle registration for all vehicles owned

    f. required- copy of insurance for all vehicles owned

    g. required- official transcript for college degree or classes attended

    h. prior military only- DD-214

    i. AK Law Enforcement only- APSC certificate and law enforcement academy certificate

    j. Outside Law Enforcement only- state certificate and civilian academy certificate- will require review from APSC

Process for Recruitment:

Applications are screened. Only fully completed applications with all required documents loaded will be considered for recruitment.

Minimum requirement screening. Screened applicants will be invited to proceed to the next phase.  Applicants must pass each phase to move to the next.

Fitness testing

Written testing

Oral Interviews

Psychological evaluation

Background investigation


Ranking and Recommendation to hire

Conditional Job Offer

Medical Exam

Final Offer


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