Lock and Unlock Requests

Due to budget reductions, effective July 1st 2016, the following services will no longer be provided by the UAF Police Department:

vehicle jump starts
vehicle unlocks
housing unlocks
office unlocks
after hours access
CSO special event security


Unlock service is based on Police Officer availability and is priority based.

Lock/Unlock Service Agreements and Access Lists

Due to budget reductions, unlock services are limited to Police Officer availability. You may submit your request to the UAF Police Department via our on-line request form at www.uaf.edu/police/forms-1/after-hours-holiday-closu/. Requests must be received a minimum of three (3) normal business days prior to the requested time of service.

Service request approval confirmation is the responsibility of the requesting department. Submittal does not mean automatic fulfillment of request as we have limited staff.

Submittal of after-hour work or access needs of students, instructors or staff should follow the same protocol with authorization lists submitted via the on-line request form. Proper submittal and timely notification will eliminate many potential problems that can occur.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 474-7721 for information.

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