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On-Campus Undergraduate Housing

Housing at UAF is in high demand, so apply early!  Students who wish to live in undergraduate housing should apply at least one month prior to the move-in date.  Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis; there is no guarantee that space will be available. To apply for housing, students must be enrolled in at least six (6) semester credits.  UAF encourages all students to apply for admission before applying for housing.


How to Apply for On-Campus Housing 

STEP 1) Download and Review Applications

Download the Residence Hall Application & Agreement. Review the documents carefully before filling them out to make sure you don't miss a step!

Fill out applications by hand or electronically using Adobe Acrobat. Make sure to print and sign all applications and forms. Residence Life will not process applications that are submitted without signatures. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the application. For a free download of Adobe Acrobat  click here.

STEP 2) Submit Housing Application

Applications can be submitted in person at the Residence Life Central Office, by mail, by fax, or by email.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm (24hr Drop Box)

  • MBS Complex, 732 Yukon Drive
  • PO Box 756860, Fairbanks, AK 99775
  • Fax: (907) 474-6423
  • E-mail: uaf-housing@alaska.edu

All pages of the application must be completed and included for Residence Life to be able to process your submissions.  If you decide to have a land line connected to your campus room, make sure to fill out the Telephone Agreement on page 4 of the housing agreement.

STEP 3) Submit Payment

Send your room deposit and your processing payment to the Residence Life Office.  UAF does not accept any payment information by mail or email.  You will receive written confirmation of acceptance and a receipt for your deposit.


Please Note: All UAF residence halls, with the exemption of Cutler Apartment Complex and the Sustainable Village, require residents to purchase a meal plan.  Please contact Dining Services at 907-474-6661, for dining application availability. If a student does not apply for a dining plan, they will automatically be assigned the default meal plan.  Graduate students, regardless of their hall assignment, are not required to purchase a meal plan.  More information about housing and dining services can be found in the Trail Guide.

While we encourage all students to apply for admission to UAF, acceptance to UAF is not required to apply for housing. Once you have applied for housing, additional campus forms and information are available through Admissions.

APPLICATION: Residence Hall Application & Agreement Apply to live in Stevens, Nerland, MacIntosh, Wickersham, Bartlett, Skarland, Moore, Lathrop, the Cutler Apartment Complex, or the Sustainable Village. 

ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments for the fall semester are made throughout the summer; spring semester assignments are made in late December and as received after winter break. You will be informed by letter as soon as a room assignment is made. All requests for specific rooms or halls are honored on a first- received, first placed basis as long as space is available and all eligibility requirements are met. Several of our more popular residence halls will have only a few spaces for new residents. We try to place you in the building of your choice, but this is not always possible. Please note on the application any request for a specific roommate. We cannot guarantee all requests.


  • DOUBLE-SHARED: a room built for two and occupied by two
  • SINGLE: a room built for one and occupied by one; limited availability
  • DOUBLE-SINGLE: a room built for two but occupied by one; limited availability.

CANCELLATIONS: The cancellation policies specific to your agreement are available on the back page of your application, or page 2 of the online application. If you want to be released from your housing agreement then you need to cancel your housing assignment. Please complete the Housing Cancellation Form and/or Exception to Policy Form and send it to the Department of Residence Life at uaf-housing@alaska.edu


I would like to change my current room location to another room within the residence halls.

Your room assignment and roommate information is available on the MyHousing Self Service portal at UAOnline.alaska.edu. If your roommate has been assigned to your room, you can view their profile including their email address. If you did not get your desired room type or location, you can call into the Residence Life Central Office at 907-474-7247 any time from  August 1 until August 15  to see if a more desirable unit has opened up. Please note, we do not maintain residence hall waiting lists. After  August 15 , during check-in the Residence Life staff will be able to answer questions related to the room change process. More information on room changes after we open can be found at http://uaf.edu/reslife/room-change/.

I would like to cancel my residence hall application (before moving in). 

If you would like to cancel your housing before you move in, can do so by completing the Housing Cancellation Form and submitting it to the Residence Life Central Office. Remember that by cancelling your housing application after  July 31  for Fall,  November 30  for Spring and seven day prior to check in for Summer, will forfeit your $315 housing deposit.

The Housing Cancellation Form can be found at http://uaf.edu/reslife/Apply/HousingCancellation.pdf.

I would like to cancel my residence hall agreement (after moving in).

If you would like to cancel your housing after moving in, you can do so by completing the Housing Cancellation Form and submitting it to the Residence Life Central Office. Once you have submitted the form, you will need to contact your Resident  Assistant  and set up a check-out appointment. If you are unsure who your Resident  Assistant is, please visit your Hall Office. Hall Offices are open night from  9pm-10pm . Remember that you have signed a legally binding agreement for the full academic year and your housing deposit will be  forfeited . Please refer to your housing contract to see if you are  eligible  for a  partial  refund of your housing charges. 

The Housing Cancellation Form can be found at http://uaf.edu/reslife/Apply/HousingCancellation.pdf.
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