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$25Single Traditional Room
$50Double Traditional Room

1-Bed Suite (Wickersham)


4-Bed Suite (Wickersham)


2-Bedroom Apartment (Cutler)



$37Single Traditional Room
$75Double Traditional Room

1-Bed Suite (Wickersham)


4-Bed Suite (Wickersham)


2-Bedroom Apartment (Cutler)

(+ 8% Bed Tax)All Recreational Guest are subject to an 8% Bed Tax

Summer Guest Housing Policies

Check In/Check Out: Check in is 3:00pm. Check-out time is 11:00am unless prior arrangements have been made with the Conference Services Office. Keys must be given back to the front desk in the MBS Lobby at the time of check-out. Please close the windows and turn off the lights. Prior to leaving, please ensure that personal belongings are not left in the room, and that the door is secured.

Keys: Guests will receive one (1) room key, one (1) building entrance key fob. Please keep your room locked and have your keys with you at all times. All residence hall keys and fobs are the property of UAF and may not be copied or destroyed. Conference guests must report lost or stolen keys immediately to the Summer Housing Office. Guests will be charged $85 per key if not returned by the date and/or time of departure.

Mail: The Conferencing office will notify Guests when their mail has arrived. However, it is the responsibility of the guest to keep track of their own mail. Post can be picked up in the Conferencing office in the MBS Lobby at any time.

Guests who stay 14 days or longer must register for a campus post office box by mail. You can access the post office registration form here.To mail items to the Conference Service Office at: 

UAF Conference Services
732 Yukon Drive // PO Box 756860 // Fairbanks, AK 99775

Cleaning: Conference housing does not operate in the manner of a full service hotel and guest rooms are only cleaned between guest stays. Request to have a room cleaned or provided additional linens can be done at the front desk in the MBS Lobby.

Pets: No pets are allowed in the residence halls. The exception to this is guide dogs.

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in University buildings.

If the Guest is over the age of 21, they may drink alcohol in their room with the door closed. Guests under the age of 21 who purchase or knowingly possess any alcoholic beverages violate state law. In addition, any person who furnishes an alcoholic beverage to a person who is under 21 years of age violates state law. Alcohol is not allowed in common areas, including storage in the hall kitchens. Illegal use, possession, or furnishing of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia on University owned property is prohibited. Any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia found will be confiscated and destroyed by Campus Public Safety officers. Narcotics and dangerous drugs shall be defined in accordance with the statutes of the State of Alaska.

Liability: The University of Alaska Fairbanks is not liable for accidents and/or lost, damaged, or stolen personal property in guest rooms, public areas, or laundry rooms. Guests are liable for damages caused to University property, whether deliberate or unintentional. Rooms will be assessed for missing, altered, or damaged furniture or equipment. Propping open residence hall entrance doors is prohibited. Conference guests are prohibited from allowing anyone who is not their guest into any residence hall building, and are responsible for reporting suspicious activities to Campus Public Safety at 907-456-2583 or conference staff.

Lost & Found: Items of significance (ie: passport) found in guest rooms after check out will be given to the Conference Services main desk in the MBS lobby. Although we do our best to reunite lost items with their owner, it will not be the responsibility of the Summer Housing Office to notify guests of lost items after check-out.

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