It might be hard to imagine, but over 100 students have jobs within the Department of Residence Life. Our student employees discover that working part-time makes the transition to college easier. A flexible work schedule provides some structure to help you keep on top of academic responsibilities and balance your time during the week. In fact, campus data reveals a secret: UAF students who work a part-time job do better academically than students who choose not to work. 

Our large professional staff, and our even larger part-time student staff sustain the facilities, services, and programs that support UAF's residential communities. We hope you'll join the ResLife Team! The Department of Residence Life employs more than 500 students each year in temporary, part-time and Work-Study positions. Working for us offers: 

  • Competitive pay
  • Locations across campus
  • Hours to fit busy schedules
  • Convenience
  • Skill development
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Ways to build your resume
  • The chance to develop lifelong friendships
At the Department of Residence Life, we have experience with a student workforce and know that academics are your top priority. Along with studying, a job is a great way to become an important part of things happening here. Many lifelong friendships begin on the job. Working also helps you develop a good reputation on campus, which will jumpstart your future applications for internships, co-ops, and advanced-level jobs that require an employment reference.

If you are interested in applying for a job at UAF, please visit the job site for the UA system at:

More information about student jobs and internships on campus can also be found at:

Area Coordinator (AC) AC's are responsible for community-building, advising, counseling, crisis management, residential education, and student conduct hearings.

Resident Director (RD) Resident Directors are responsible for the management and supervision of residence halls, promote a positive residential community, and facilities large and small scale programs in the residence halls. Resident Directors select, train, and supervise Resident Assistants and Desk Attendants. Resident Directors counsel students with personal and academic concerns and refer when appropriate. Resident Directors adjudicate student discipline issues. Resident Directors maintain accurate administrative records including data on occupancy, discipline, maintenance, key control, activity logs, and student information. DOWNLOAD THE RD BROCHURE 

Resident Assistant (RA) RA's at UAF is a residence hall community leader. They host programs, oversee the hall for security and maintenance, and are a resource for students. They live amongst their residents and should always be available for questions, concerns, or help. RAs take turns throughout the week being on call overnight, performing safety rounds two to three times in that night. The goal of an RA is to be a peer authority in the residence hall who sets examples through their own actions. DOWNLOAD THE RA Reference Form! DOWNLOAD 2016 RA Application!

Desk Attendants (DA) DA's work in traditional residence halls to provide customer service and promote a safe environment. Desk Attendants are responsible for maintaining accurate shift reports, facilitating the guest sign-in process. Desk Attendants routinely use department records, such as hall rosters and trespass lists, to verify resident and guest identification and enforce guest policies. Desk Attendants assist with general policy enforcement when appropriate by reporting and recording violations or conducting security measures such as bag checks. Desk Attendants also assist in emergency situations. Desk Attendants also provide customer service in a variety of situations and refer students or guests to resources when needed.

Peer Mentors Mentors assist the FYE Coordinator in the planning and implementation of academic efforts presented by the department of Residence Life. Their main duties include promoting and running established tutor sessions and study halls. Position Open Fall and Spring. DOWNLOAD THE PEER MENTOR APPLICATION!

Package Pick-up Clerk The Residence Life package pick-up window is open Monday - Friday from 12PM to 5PM. Clerks are responsible for maintaing the package log and storage of parcels received from various carries. Clerks need superior customer service skills, and a flexible schedules to be successful candidates. Position Open Fall and Spring. 

Front Office Assistant Office Assistants help the Assignments Office staff by answer phones and email, greeting residence when they enter the office and maintaining the files. The Office Assistant also performs tasks as assigned. Position Open Fall and Spring. 

Conference Services Summer Office Supervisor The Summer Office Supervisor manages office communications including answering, and properly forwarding telephone calls, monitoring email accounts as needed, and responding to all other forms of office communication as necessary. This position serves as assistant to the Conference Service and Marketing Manager, setting appointments, maintaining calendars, preparing correspondence, reports, agendas, and performing research projects as assigned. Position Open February through April.

Conference Services Summer Guest Agent Provide customer service, cashiering and front desk support for UAF Conference Services. Position is similar to that of a desk clerk in the hotel industry with modified responsibilities to meet the special needs of Conference and Residence Life operations. Position will also include some building management responsibilities, similar to a Resident Assistant position. Position reports to the Office Supervisor position and may require driving University vehicles. Position Open February through April.

Conference Services Summer Lead Crew Supervisor This position is part of the Conference Services management team. This position will lead a student housekeeping crew responsible for cleaning and otherwise preparing guest rooms and common areas for the Conference Services program. This position is also responsible for the use, placement, tracking and condition, of all Conference Services supplies and equipment. This position reports to the Conference Services professional staff, and has lateral responsibilities to the Office Supervisor position, and will require driving University vehicles. Position Open February through March.

Conference Services Summer Crew This position encompasses hospitality housekeeping functions, as well as light customer service functions. Position will also include some building management responsibilities, similar to a Resident Assistant position. Residence Life has and external custodial contract, which is responsible for cleaning bathrooms (which includes toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs) and common areas in all residence halls (except Wickersham and Cutler Apartments). Position reports to the Crew Lead(s). Position Open February through April.

Facilities Labor Crew These crew members are primarily responsible for the minor routine maintenance tasks not requiring skilled trades mechanics. This includes furniture repair, lighting replacements, cabinet repairs, vacuum, screens, blinds, and other minor repairs. They assist in moving and storage functions, residence cleaning, renovation demolition, and grounds keeping. 

Paint Crew These crew positions are specifically hired and trained for routine facility painting projects. Project management is provided by Facility Services Housing Paint lead and supervised by RL Facilities office. Position Open February through April.

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