It might be hard to imagine, but over 100 students have jobs within the Department of Residence Life. Our student employees discover that working part-time makes the transition to college easier. A flexiable work schedule provides some structure to help you keep on top of academic responsibilities and balance your time during the week. In fact, campus data reveals a secret: UAF students who work a part-time job do better academically than students who choose not to work. Our large professional staff, and our even larger part-time student staff sustain the facilities, services, and programs that support UAF's residential communities. We hope you'll join the ResLife Team! The Department of Residence Life employs more than 500 students each year in temporary, part-time and Work-Study positions. Working for us offers:


  • Competitive pay
  • Locations across campus
  • Hours to fit busy schedules
  • Convenience
  • Skill development
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Ways to build your resume
  • The chance to develop lifelong friendships


At the Department of Residence Life, we have experience with a student workforce and know that academics are your top priority. Along with studying, a job is a great way to become an important part of things happening here. Many lifelong friendships begin on the job. Working also helps you develop a good reputation on campus, which will jumpstart your future applications for internships, co-ops, and advanced-level jobs that require an employment reference.

If you are interested in applying for a job at UAF, please visit the job site for the UA system at More information about student jobs and internships on campus can also be found at:

Area Coordinator (AC) AC's are responsible for community-building, advising, counseling, crisis management, residential education, and student conduct hearings.

Resident Director (RD) RS's are responsible for assisting in the implementation of ResLife programs, residential education, community development, crisis management, student conduct, and community operations.

Resident Assistant (RA) RA's are responsible for general administration, development, and implementation of programs in the residence halls. RA's can help you find a class, submit a work order, or find the academic or emotional support you need. We are currently hiring RA's for 2015 - Click here to download the RA Application!

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