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2015-2016 Meal Plans contain a combination of Block Meals and Munch Money.

Block Meals are used in Dine Forty-nine for all-you-care-to-eat dinner and exchanged for up to an $8.00 equivalency at any UAF campus dining location. 

Munch Money is used like cash at all dining locations and most vending machines on campus.  

Freshmen residing on campus must select either Block 105 or Block 75. 

  • All pricing is per semester.
  • The student will automatically be enrolled in the same meal plan in the Spring semester, unless UAF Dining Services is notified in writing of a different selection.
  • Remaining block meals will expire on the final day of the semester.
  • Block equivalency is not redeemable for cash.
  • Leftover Munch Money in the Fall semester will be added to the Spring meal plan. However, all unused Munch Money expires at the end of the academic year after May 9, 2016.
  • Unused blocks and Munch Money will not be refunded. 

Selecting A Meal Plan

There are three ways to request a meal plan:

Fees for your meal plan will be applied to your university account beginning July 1, 2015. Payment for your dining plan should be made along with you tuition and fees on or before the fee payment deadline, September 11, 2015. 

 Frequently Asked Questions:

We hope that the following questions and answers are helpful to you. Should you have a question that is not addressed on this page please contact UAF Dining Services at uaf-dining@alaska.edu

Q.  Am I required to purchase a meal plan? Participation in the food services program is required of all students living in university residence halls, with the exception of graduate students and students living in Sustainable Village or Cutler Apartments (SAC).

Q.  What is the deadline to pay for my meal plan? Fees for your meal plan are due on or before the fee payment deadline (September 11, 2015 for Fall; January 22, 2016 for Spring). Payments should be made electronically via UA Online or directly with the Office of the Bursar located in Signers' Hall. For meal plans added after the fee payment deadline, please make payment within five (5) business days from your request.

Q. Where can I use my meal plan? UAF meal plans are usable at all UAF Dining Services locations and on campus vending machines that have a PolarExpress card reader. Meal plans are not accepted off campus.

Q. How do I use the Munch Money from my meal plan? Your PolarExpress card will be used similar to a debit card, swiping it for each meal purchase. The amount of the transaction will be deducted from the remaining Munch Money balance on your account. You may view your current Munch Money balance on the bottom of each purchase receipt. Please note: Your PolarExpress card is REQUIRED to access your Munch Money. No exceptions. If your PolarExpress card is lost or stolen, immediately notify the PolarExpress Office in Signers Hall at 907-474-7384 to have them disable use on that card. Funds used will not be reimbursed.

Q. If money runs out on my meal plan, can I add money to the account? How? Adding to your meal plan is easy. Simply complete the Change/Cancellation Form indicating the Top Off plan you prefer and email to UAF Dining Services at uaf-dining@alaska.edu. We will add the charge to your UA account and you pay either though UAOnline or directly with the Office of the Bursar within five (5) business days.

Q. If I do not use my whole balance for the Fall semester, does it roll over to the Spring semester?Leftover block meals will expire on the final day of the semester (December 18, 2015).  Munch Money remaining at the end of the Fall semester will roll over and be ADDED to the Spring meal plan. Meal plans are purchased on a semester basis and another dining plan for the Spring semester is required if living in on-campus housing.

Q. If I do not use all the money on my meal plan by the end of the Spring  semester what happens to the rest of the balance? All unused block meals and Munch Money expires after May 9, 2016 and will NOT be refunded.

Q. Will I get a refund if I cancel my meal plan? If you choose to cancel your meal plan prior to the fee payment deadline (September 11, 2015 for Fall; January 22, 2016 for Spring) you will receive a 100% refund are based on actual meal plan usage.  Each block meal used will have a value of $8.  All block meals and Munch Money used will be subtracted from the refund amount. Students requesting a cancellation during the 50% refund period will be reimbursed no more than half of the meal plan fees paid, regardless of usage. Any usage above 50% of the fees will result in a reduced refund. All refunds are applied to the student’s University account and then issued by the Office of the Bursar per their policies. Refunds will not be paid unless all University accounts are paid in full. Please see the refund schedule for change/cancellation deadlines.

Q. Can I switch my meal plan from Semester to Semester? You may switch your dining plan between semesters for 100% refund of the original plan based upon actual usage, by submitting a change form to UAF Dining Services before the Spring fee payment deadline (January 22, 2015). After this date a prorated amount will be charged for use. Please see the refund schedule for more information on the prorated amount.

Refund Schedule

Fall 2015 Refund Period

Prior to September 12    
100% refund or prorated refund based upon actual usage

September 12-October 9
50% refund 

No refunds will be give after October 9, 2015

Spring 2016 Refund Period

Prior to January 23  
100% refund or prorated refund based upon actual usage

January 23-February 12
50% refund 

No refunds will be give after February 12, 2016

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