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Cutler Apartments

Cutler Apartment Complex (CAC) is a small complex of apartments nestled in the woods next to the Natural Science Building. The atmosphere is quiet enough for the large group of graduate students and upper classmen to complete their studies, yet close enough to the MBS complex to be a part of the Residence Life experience. Each apartment comes complete with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. There are 2 laundry facilities in the complex that are open 24 hours a day as a convenience to residents.

All apartments are fully furnished. The standard furnishings for an apartment include:

Dining/Living areas:
- Dining table with 2 chairs and one bench seat
- 1 couch
- 1 lounge chair
- 1 bookshelf
- 1 television stand with swivel top
- 1 coffee table
- 2 floor lamps

- 4 twin extra-long beds
- 4 dressers
- 4 desks each with a desk chair
- 4 closets
- 4 book shelves

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