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Physical Address: 406 Denali Lane, Fairbanks, AK 99775

Hall Office Phone: (907) 455-3906

ANDREW NERLAND HALL: In the heart of lower campus, Nerland Hall offers its residents a safe, quiet, and friendly community oriented environment with an emphasis in healthy living and substance free choices. With such a diverse population of students, Nerland is one of those most community oriented buildings on campus. Many students that move in there and later cannot imagine living anywhere else!

HALL STAFF: Nerland Hall has an outstanding Residence Life staff of an Assistant Resident Director, Resident Assistants, and Desk Assistants. The Assistant Resident Director lives in Nerland while the Resident Director lives in McIntosh Hall. The RAs are responsible for developing a positive atmosphere throughout the building. They plan a number of programs and activities to enhance the residents' time here and allow them to meet other residents living in the building. Our Desk Assistants staff our hall desks and help to maintain safety and security in our facilities. 

HOW TO APPLY: If you are interested in living here, you can apply here after you have been accepted to the University. For tour information please visit our Campus Visitors page on our website for more information. 

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