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► The UAF Sustainable Village is a community for students who are passionate about the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. The Village is an environmentally-focused community that conducts real time research concerning renewable energy sources. This ground breaking research is in collaboration with the UAF Office of Sustainability and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. Residents of the Village make a conscious effort to conserve energy and water, and are helping to bring sustainable housing to the UAF campus.

► Location of the Village The UAF Sustainable Village is located on the UAF lower campus, east and adjacent to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, which is located at 1000 Fairbanks Street. See a map of the location here. The Village is comprised of four (4) houses that utilize different sustainable solutions for northern climates. Click the links for house floor plans: Birch House / Spruce House / Willow House / Tamarack House

► All Sustainable Village rooms are fully furnished. The standard furnishings for a single room include:
- 1 twin extra-long beds
- 1 dressers
- 1desks with desk chairs
- 1 wardrobe/closets
- 4 shelves

► Why should I apply to live in the UAF Sustainable Village?
  • Sense of community
  • Civic action opportunities
  • Growing your own food
  • Resume building
  • Participation in and design of student research projects
  • Engagement in sustainability best practices
  • UAF sustainability culture building
  • Living in new, innovative student-designed housing
  • Interaction with “smart” home
  • Reduction of personal carbon footprint
  • Being a pioneer resident of the Village
  • Serving as national model for sustainable living


    ► Mission of the UAF Sustainable Village “A dynamic and evolving community at the University of Alaska Fairbanks – committed to the tenets of sustainability – demonstrating what can be achieved to ensure an enduring future for the people of the circumpolar north.” — Jack Hebert, CEO CCHRC

    The UAF Sustainable Village demonstrates environmentally sustainable technologies in a residential setting and provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities. Students will collect and disseminate information about sustainable building techniques and help others live in a more sustainable ways. To achieve its mission the village will:

    ► Construction Timeline The Sustainable Village started with the idea of bringing sustainable housing to the UAF campus. A student design competition was held in the fall of 2011; during this course, three teams of students learned about sustainable building design, community structure, etc. specific to Alaska. The teams were tasked with taking this knowledge and developing their vision for sustainable housing on the UAF campus. The winning five-student team worked with the CCHRC design team to bring their ideas into reality in the winter of 2011-2012. In the spring of 2012, construction on the village started; several students involved with the design process continued their contributions to the project as workers on the construction site. Four four-bedroom units were completed in August in time for the Fall Semester 2012. This project has brought together students, the University community, non-profits, and the private sector via many dynamic and trailblazing partnerships. 
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