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Wickersham Hall

Wickersham Hall (Wick) is located on lower campus next to the Wood Center and the Gruening Building. Wick is made up of double and single rooms in suite style living. Residents can prepare their own food in one of Wick’s three fully functional kitchens.

Enjoy a residential experience that is complete with a great study environment and a lot of opportunity for social interaction with a mature student population.

All rooms are fully furnished. The standard furnishings for a double room include:

Sleeping Room:
- 2 twin extra-long beds
- 2 dressers
- 2 wardrobe/closets
- 8 shelves

Shared Study Room (Double rooms only):
- 4 desks each with a desk chair

The standard furnishings for an single room are:
- Twin extra-long bed
- Dresser
- Desk with desk chair
- Wardrobe/closet
- 4 shelves


Study Room

Wickersham Single Room


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