Items to Bring

View the list of personal items you should bring.

Check-in Dates & Times

On July 16, you will be able to view your housing assignment and designated move-in date and time. All students must check-in by 12:00pm (Noon) on Monday, August 27. 

10 Things to do before Move-in Day

Make sure to do these 10 things before move-in day.

Steps for Move-In

Know the steps to smoothly move-in to your residence hall.


Move-In Assistance

During Rev-It-Up move-in event we offer assistance throughout the day. Our Move-In Crew Volunteers will help you move-in and offer directions. We help tag your belongings and bring them directly to your room. To alleviate congestion, please arrive at the following times on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 from 8:00AM-3:00PM:

Last Name A-G 8:00am-10:00am
Last Name H-R 10:00am-12:00pm
Last Name S-Z 12:00pm-2:00pm

If you are unable to come at your suggested time, you may arrive any time before 3:00PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2018. 

Early Luggage Drop Off

If you would like to drop off belongings the night before (Tuesday, August 21) you may do so between the hours of 6:00PM and 8:00PM at the MBS Complex, 1872 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99775. Please label all your belongings with your Name, Room Number / Hall Number, and Contact Information.


Who is included in the term “first-year” student? A “first-year” student is any student participating in orientation through UAF Admissions. This includes transfer students. For “first year” students the move-in day is Wednesday, August 22 beginning at 8:00AM.

Can I move in early for a non-academic reason? No student may move into or occupy his or her assigned room before 8:00AM on Wednesday, August 22 for a non-academic reason. If you are planning to arrive in Fairbanks before August 22, please make appropriate lodging reservations in the city in advance.

In advance of my move-in date, can I ship things to my residence hall? Yes. If you are planning to ship your luggage and belongings in advance, you may send them prepaid to arrive on or after Monday, August 13. If we receive items prior to August 13, they will be returned to sender. Please address all shipments to yourself, 1872 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99775, include your phone number and mark them HOLD FOR ARRIVAL AUGUST 22. When you arrive you may claim your belongings from the package room located at the Conference Service desk in the MBS Lobby.


Where is my residence hall? For an interactive map of campus, please click here. The residence hall pages (below) include details about your residence hall, including a sample floor plan!

What size is my room? Residence Life housing options contain a wide variety of room types. For this reason, we are unable to provide information in advance about specific rooms. For approximate room sizes, please see your residence hall’s floorplans and room layouts.

What will the University provide in my room? All rooms are furnished with an extra-long twin bed (36x80), dresser or equivalent, desk, chair, book shelving, closet/armoir, and lighting.

What about the window coverings? All residence hall rooms have some form of window treatments – blinds, shades or curtains.

Will I have a private bathroom? Wickersham Hall, Sustainable Village, and the Cutler Student Apartments offer private bathrooms that are shared by up to a maximum of four people.

What should I bring for my room? At a minimum, blankets, bed linens (to fit an extra-long twin mattress, 36” x 80”), pillows, toiletries, and towels are required. For buildings with private bathrooms, students also need to provide toilet paper and non-abrasive cleaning supplies.

Can I bring a small appliance like a microwave, coffee maker, or refrigerator? The University of Alaska Fairbanks has established policies regarding the use of heat-producing appliances. For safety and sanitary reasons, cooking appliances are not permitted in rooms not equipped with kitchens. Refrigerators 4.0 cubic feet and under are allowed in all rooms. Microwaves that are no larger than 1cf and 1000 watts are allowed. Combo microwave/refrigerator units (ie; Microfridge) where the refrigerator plugs into the microwave are also permitted. The key feature of these units are that they manage power consumption – reducing circuit overload and minimizing the risk of fire.

Can I stay in my room over the break periods? Residents may stay on campus during winter and summer breaks with an approved application and break housing fee. Information will be available through the Central Office about housing options through break periods. 

The Department of Residence Life, along with other university campus partners, has assembled a comprehensive list of events and activities taking place during the first month of the academic year (August 22 – September 22). Below, you will find events and activities ranging from dances in the Hess Recreation Center to UAF Tradition events with Nanook Traditions. With these events and activities taking place throughout the month, we hope to welcome students to the UAF campus this fall with many ways to get involved and engaged on campus.

Living on the Edge / Thursday, August 23

Join the rest of the new students for your official welcome to the UAF EDGE community. Learn how to stay engaged in your classes and where to find help on campus.

Casino Night / Saturday, September 1

Meet new friends and have fun with funny money, but play for real prizes! This event held in the Hess Rec Center is always a favorite with everything from blackjack to bingo. 

Toga Dance / Friday, September 7

Celebrate legacy of the great Greek scholars and get your Toga On! This annual event frequently draws hundreds of students from both on and off campus.

Starvation Gulch / Saturday, September 22

Nanook Traditions Kicks-Off the school year with Starvation Gulch. The bonfires have been a symbol of the passing of the torch of knowledge to our new students since 1923. We welcome back all our students and hope they all have a grand year. Enjoy the biggest bonfires you will ever see!


What is my room assignment? When will I receive it? Room assignments are made in July, and confirmation of your assignment will be emailed to your preferred email address and made available on the UAOnline website by the end of the first full week of August. This confirmation information includes details regarding which residence hall and room you will be living in, the name(s) of your roommate(s). You will need to log in using your UAF Student ID and password, click on Students Services, and go to the Housing portal. Housing and dining charges can be viewed on your UA account.

Who is my roommate? Can I contact my roommate before I move in? If you have one or more roommates, those names will appear on your Housing portal. To find your roommate information log on to UAOnline <click> Student Services and Account Information <click> Campus Housing, Dining and Post Office <click> UAF Housing, Dining and Post Office. Under the Room Assignment section, you will see your roommate name. You can click on your roommates name to get their email address. We encourage you to contact your roommate directly to begin to get to know one another and plan for what kind of communal items you each may choose to bring (e.g. refrigerator, tv). It is our policy to not share phone numbers.

Can I see my room before I move in? No – the residence halls are closed to students until the move-in date, unless you are apart of an approved early arrival group.

Can I change my assignment before the move-in date? No. Students may not change their room assignments prior to the academic year, or during the room freeze period of Fall and Spring Semester. You can learn more specific information about the room change process here.

Why wasn’t I assigned to my first, second or third choice residence hall? Room assignments are made based on the date the application is received. If you did not receive one of your choices of residence halls, there were no spaces left in those halls by the time that we assigned applications with the date your application was received. While not everyone receives their first or second choice of residence, every effort was made to accommodate your preferences. Additionally, if you and another student mutually requested one another as roommates, we view a request for a roommate as a higher priority than a request for any particular residence hall.

How do I pay for my room and board? You will receive a bill for Fall Semester, which includes room and board fees. This bill can be paid online through UAOnline or in-person at the Office of the Bursar.

When will I get my deposit?  How do I receive it? It will take 4-6 weeks to receive the deposit. We strive to finish much sooner than that, but some years take longer than others. Deposits paid in check, cash, or MO will be mailed to the students mailing address on record with the University, unless the student signed up for direct deposit. If the student paid with a credit card, their deposit may be refunded back to the card that was originally used.     

What is this charge on my student account? Upon check-out all charges should have been explained to the student and signed for or appealed on the spot. If the student did not appeal when they checked out, they may have forfeited their right to appeal but can choose to appeal using the online appeal form.  If the student was not present when they were checked out they forfeited their right to appeal; however, we should have documentation of why they were charged in their file.  We can email them this documentation.

Why didn’t I get my deposit back? You have not submitted a housing cancellation form and we assume you are retuning for a future term or we haven’t processed your deposit refund yet.


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