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UAF student housing is only available for students who are currently enrolled with UAF who have a UAF student ID number and stay 22 nights or longer. Students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes to stay in student summer housing. UAF residence halls offer a scenic view of the Alaska Range and Mount McKinley, also known as Denali, the highest peak in North America. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SUMMER APPLICATION!

Housing is available to summer guests visiting UAF for the summer through Conference Services

SUMMER 2016 RATES (Rates are subject to change)

$20.00 PER NIGHT


$24.00 PER NIGHT


$28.00 PER NIGHT


Summer 2016 Single Student Long-Term Housing (22 nights or longer)
Single student summer housing hall will be Moore or Bartlett Hall. We offer double shared, single, and double-single rooms. All assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get your application in early!

Summer session housing runs May 20 – August 13, 2016 for new summer residents. Spring 2016 residents continuing to Summer 2016 and on to Fall 2016 have continuous occupancy. If you do not have an agreement on file for Fall 2016, you must checkout of your summer room by August 13, 2016 by 12PM (Noon).

Summer Hall is either Moore or Bartlett Hall: Both are located in the M-B-S Complex, both are 8-story traditional residence halls. The M-B-S Complex is located on upper campus near the Reichardt Building. The kitchen, TV recreation room, and unisex toilets are on the main floor. Moore Hall: Has single-sex bathrooms on each floor, and are clearly labeled. Bartlett Hall: Has male and female bathrooms on each floor.

All rooms are equipped with Ethernet access and one cable TV jack. Laundry facilities are located in each hall, and are included in the cost of your room (laundry supplies are the responsibility of the resident). Residents will need to provide, if wanted, their own computer w/Ethernet card, and cable ready TV w/coaxial cable and cooking utensils. Residence Hall furnishings include an extra long twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, shelving and closet. Residents will need to provide their own linens.

If you want to receive mail on campus, you can register for a campus post office box by mail. You can access the registration form. If you need to send packages prior to your arrival on campus, please call the Campus Post Office at (907) 474-7215 to register for a post office box number by phone. If you are sending packages via private carrier (FedEx or UPS), address the package with the following information:

Your Full Name
 // Cell Phone Number // Hall and Room Number
 // 732 Yukon Drive // Fairbanks, AK 99775-6860

UAF understands communication needs vary student to student and the way and means by which we communicate is changing. Residence Hall land lines are optional, and available at an additional student expense of $120 per semester or $60 per six week session. The phone line charge will be added to your student account at the beginning of the summer semester, payable through UAOnline or in person at the UAF Business Office.

 Current Spring 2016 Residents Application Instructions: 

  • No funds are needed with the application. Your deposit carries over from Spring to Summer.
  • Current Bartlett residents who want to stay in their same room for the summer should indicate current room number on their application.
  • Fall 2016 residents who want to move into their fall assignment for summer should indicate their fall assignment on the application under 'Room Preferences'. 
  • All current students who live on-campus with summer housing assignments will be provided detailed information that will explain when & how to move from their spring housing assignment to their summer housing assignment. 

New Students Moving on to Campus for Summer:

  • Applications must be accompanied by $355 ($315 damage/reservation deposit, $40 non-refundable application fee).If you are a current resident then no funds are needed with the application. Your deposit carries over from Spring to Summer. Applications are processed in the order received. If requesting a roommate please submit applications as close together as possible to ensure placement together.
  • Once your application is received by our office, a packet will be sent to you with a letter confirming your application, rental insurance, and cancellation instructions if your plans change. The packet will also include general information about staying in a residence hall.
  • The assignment process will begin on April 25. Once assigned a room, you will receive a second packet including a letter from our office with your summer room assignment, information about where we are located, when keys can be picked up, checking into your room and how to pay for your stay. 
  • Check-in at the 24 hour Summer Conference Desk located in the lobby of the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex upon your arrival at UAF.

If Student fails to occupy their reserved space by noon the day following the “ first night” of the reservation, or otherwise cancels their housing accommodations with less than seven (7) days notice, the Student will forfeit their deposit, and cancel the fall contract for housing if applicable.
 Payment can be made by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa. Housing fees will be charged to your student account and must be paid by the conclusion of the open registration/fee payment period corresponding to the first class which you are enrolled or within one week of moving in. Housing fees can be paid at the UAF Office of the Bursar (907) 474-7551 or at UAOnline at https://uaonline.alaska.edu/

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