Alumni statistics

The numbers speak for themselves.

Time well spent
Eighty-seven percent of 2009 graduates said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their overall education at UAF. Two-thirds said they used what they'd learned at UAF on a daily or weekly basis at work.

Life after college
About 40 percent of 2009 alumni said they were employed full or part time, year round. More than 60 percent apparently liked college so much they wanted more, and about half of them planned to continue at UAF.

Top jobs
More than a quarter of alumni found employment in the education field, followed by government (20 percent) and health care and social services (10 percent). While the majority (80 percent) had jobs in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest beckoned some 10 percent, and London called at least one student.

In 2010 UAF awarded 1,203 diplomas:

  • 34 licensures
  • 66 occupational endorsements
  • 165 certificates
  • 203 associate degrees
  • 472 bachelor's degrees
  • 218 master's degrees
  • 45 doctoral degrees

Map of UAF alumni by state and Canadian province
The map above shows the number of known alumni living in each state and Canadian province as of September 2010.
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