Computer and Information Technology Systems

The Information Technology Specialist (ITS) program offers a certificate and AAS degree as well as individual courses for interest and professional development.

The ITS certificate program teaches students the essential skills required to effectively use and troubleshoot computers and computer applications and the flexibility to customize a certificate or pursue an emphasis in the following speciality areas:

Computer Applications

Students will develop skills to effectively use essential applications found in nearly all job environments.  This grouping of courses also maps to an AAS degree in applied business with an emphasis in computer applications

Web Technologies

Students will develop foundation level skills in website development and maintenance.  This grouping of courses will teach students how to effectively use the applications used to develop and maintain websties.

Technical Support Assistant

Students will develop skills necessary to support and troubleshoot their own individual system and will possess the knowledge to provide assistance to IT professionals.  This grouping of courses maps to the ITS AAS degree.

The ITS AAS degree prepares individuals to implement, support, and troubleshoot computer and information technology systems and obtain employment as an IT professional.  The following concentrations are offered through the associate degree program:

Computer Technology Support

Students will develop a broad general base of knowlege to support a variety of computer technologies and have the opportunity to develop an individual educational plan that matches their skills and goals.

Network and System Administration

Students will develop the skills and knowledge required to support and administer network environments.  Students will learn how to install, secure, manage and administer server operating systems and network services, and how to implement, configure and support devices used within an organization's network infrastructure.

Web Development and Administration

Students will develop the skills and knowledge required to develop comprehensive web sites and administer the systems on which website are deployed.  Students will learn the skills and technologies used to build professional and comprehensive websites and how to install, secure, manage and administer server operating systems and network services.

The ITS program also provides students the opportunity to select courses that meet degree requirements and prepare them for the following industry certifications:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

Students not interested in pursuing the degree program may enroll in these courses for personal or professional development; as well as to prepare for industry certifications.


Joe (Gordon) Mason

Department Co-Chair

Associate Professor, Computer Applications

Northwest Campus

400 E. Front St. Nome, AK 99762

Phone: 907-443-8414

Fax: 907-443-5602


Keith Swarner

Department Co-Chair

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Technology Systems Program head

IT Specialist Program

Community Technical College

Room 320 604 Barnette St.

PO Box 758040 Fairbanks, AK 99775-8040

Phone: 907-455-2820

Fax: 907-455-2935


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