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The University of Alaska Fairbanks is committed to open, honest communications and a positive work environment. 

The UA Hotline, through EthicsPoint, provides a confidential option for reporting suspected risk and safety matters as well as abuse and fraud.  To make a report or learn more, please click the link above  to go to EthicsPoint.

What's New

The 2016 UAF Employee Safety Perception Survey (March 21 - April 4)  Participate and win!
An organization’s success can be tied directly to its level of safety culture — the value each one of us places on safety and integrates into every aspect of our work. All of us have the right to work safely. We must also share the responsibility for helping protect ourselves and our co-workers. By having a great safety culture at UAF, we can expect fewer accidents and injuries, fewer regulatory citations, and fewer losses due to liability.
To understand where UAF stands with our current safety culture, we first must understand what our people think about safety. One way to do this is to ask some basic questions about how we conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis regarding safety. Key areas we’ll look at include:
•    Management commitment, leadership and accountability
•    Supervisor and employee participation
•    Hazard identification and control 
•    Incident/accident investigation
•    Safety policies, regulations and rules
•    Education and training

Chancellor Powers will soon ask all UAF employees, including staff, faculty and student employees, to complete a short online opinion survey about these areas. It’s important that everyone take a few minutes to complete this survey so we can identify gaps in our current safety culture that we can address through planning and program changes.  The survey, sponsored by Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management, will be administered by a neutral outside agency, with results and recommendations provided to UAF leadership. When you see this survey in your email, please do not delete it. Your input is necessary and valuable, and will help shape our safety culture at UAF. To show our appreciation for providing your opinions, employees who fill out the survey will also be eligible for some great incentives which include $25-$50 gift cards and Samsung Galaxy Tab A's.

Thank you for helping make UAF safer and stronger.


The UAF Training Policy was revised and approved by Chancellor Rogers on June 22, 2015.  The policy contains updated, mandatory training  requirements. Take a look and make sure you are in compliance with the changes to the policy.

Training Policy


Effective immediately, web-based reporting has replaced paper incident and accident forms system-wide. Any UA employee or student may report an incident by logging on to our Incident Public Reporting Portal here using your UA ID# or UA username and password. Incidents that must be reported through this system include:

  • UA Employee Injuries (including student employees)
  • Non-Employee Injuries (Including Students)
  • Unsafe Conditions
  • Damaged Property
  • Damaged Vehicles

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kim Knudsen, 474-5476, or Gary Beaudette, 474-2763.


The UAF Safety Policy was signed by Chancellor Rogers on March 3, 2015.  The policy combines Occupational, Personal, Community and Fire Safety into one document which applies to all employees, students, and volunteers at UAF campuses.  Take a look and see what your responsibilities under the policy are. 

Safety Policy

University of Alaska Fairbanks Training Website launched!

  The Training and Employee Development team has published a website consolidating training available to UAF employees.  Please take a moment to check out the new site and leave the team feed back.


Department Emergency Action Plan


The University Fire Department is currently managing the department emergency action plans. If you have questions about updating your DEAP or putting one together, please call 474-5770.


UAF has contracted with MSDSOnline for all Safety Data Sheets (SDSs, formerly MSDSs). You can now login with your UA username and password to use the program, Login Here.

For a tutorial on how to work with MSDS online and create your own labels, click here.

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