MINORS in Events

Minors on campus is a fantastic opportunity for potential UAF students to experience a part of UAF Campus Life and be encouraged to seek out their goals and dreams. With minors on campus also comes responsibility. We have the obligation to protect them while they are in our care. Some of the items that may be required are:  

  1. Background checks for your volunteers and employees; form can be found at: Background Checks
  2. Special training of your volunteer or employees: United Educators Training
  3. Age restrictions for volunteers or chaperones, minimum of 21 years old
  4. Adult to child ratios and requirement of both a male and female chaperones for mixed groups

These apply to some events, but not all of them, for questions please contact Risk Manager  (907) 474-6164

For the MINORS WEBSITE go to Protection of Minors.

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