Loss Prevention Process

Any university employee may apply for LP projects.   LP projects can also be requested by department heads or campus environmental, health, safety, and risk management (EHSRM) staff.  

1. Review Loss Prevention Guidelines and Information

2. Identify the problem and develop a plan to mitigate the risk

3. Provide supporting evidence for your application

This can be completed by a risk assessment through risk management or previous incident reports, police reports, Cause of Loss Reports, or any other supporting data available.

4. Calculate costs and savings that will arise out of the LP project.

In many cases, this will be a rough estimate.   However, please do your best to develop and clearly demonstrate direct or indirect costs and savings that could be realized as a result of implementing your proposed LP project.

5. Fill out a Loss Prevention funding application.

6. Get approval signature from your appropriate department head or supervisor.

This step is to confirm that management can support your plan as well as provide additional funding that may be necessary if the plan exceeds the LP funding limit or matching funding is required.

7. Submit your application to campus EHSRM office.

Campus EHSRM office will perform the initial review and approval.   Once approved by the campus EHSRM office, the application will be forwarded to the System Office of Risk Services for review and final approval.   The final written approval (or denial) for your LP project proposal will be returned to you from the System Office of Risk Services through your campus EHSRM office.

8. If approved, implement the project, and cooperate with any post implementation follow ups or surveys by EHSRM staff.

How to Receive Payment:

The System Office of Risk Services will reimburse departments via journal voucher (to object code 8453) for approved LP project expenses once the charges have been incurred and paid by the department. Exceptions can be made and funds can be provided in advance in some circumstances.   Once the costs are finalized, please submit the following documentation to the System Office of Risk Services:

  1. A print out of Banner screen “FGITRND” identifying the project and the amount expended.
  2. A photo copy of the original invoice.

Contact Information: 

Billie Swaim, Risk Manager