Faculty and Researchers

Safety Policy


UAF’s safety policy can be found here.


Safety Training


Minors (under 18 years of age)


Travel (RM Travel and Driving Site)

Employees traveling internationally have access to AIG's pretravel planning assistance.  Here you have access to immunizations, legal services, medical assistance and evacuation and repatriation information.  Go to: AIG to see what coverage and assistance you have available to you.


Insurance (RM Insurance Coverage)


Volunteers (18 years and older)


Family/Friend Accompaniment Form


This form must be filled out and kept on file at the department, when friends or family are travelling with a UAF employee.


Lab Safety


Accident Injury Reporting

It is a requirement to report all accident and injuries.   You can find information as to how to report, who should report and when they should report here.

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