Required Training for all UAF Employees

Employee Safety Orientation - Upon hire

Hazard Communication GHS - Upon hire

Office Safety (general) - Upon hire

Slips, Trips and Falls - Upon hire

Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) - Upon hire

  Department specific, talk to your supervisor 

Title IX Training - DUE Upon Hire

QUIZ is only for those who have completed the Title IX training via video conference/face to face session or slide review.

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Training via Skillsoft - Not required to take quiz if completing Skillsoft training.

TWO Trainings Required for Protection of Minors DUE Upon Hire

Awareness Training: Protection of Minors Training - Upon Hire

Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your browser when taking the United Educators Training.  Firefox does not interface well with the training program.

Training A - Protection of Minors: Awareness Training (EduRisk SM101-H How Teachers and Other Educators...Higher Ed.)

Training B  - Protection of Minors: Policy and Reporting Procedure Training

Policy and Reporting Procedure Training - Upon Hire

Please review the policy and reporting procedures before taking the quiz. There is no powerpoint for this training.

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