Intro to Hazardous Waste Managemet Quiz

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Are you:

1. The scope of this training is to familiarize me with the following:

2. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations are enforced by the:

3. Wastes can be stored without regard to compatibility if they are stored in a fume hood.

4. Containers of chemicals do not need to be labeled if you are the only person in the lab who is using the chemical.

5. According to the EPA, the UAF main campus is a __________ of hazardous wastes.

6. To be able to manage the wastes that I generate in the lab, I need to know:

7. Sally has generated some acetone waste from one procedure, and some sodium hydroxide waste from another procedure. She is in a quandary becasue she only has one waste container. Sally should:

8. To communicate the need for hazardous waste removal from my lab, I should:

9. In the event of a fire or emergency in my building, I should:

10. In the event of a large chemical spill, I should (check all that apply):

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