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Heidi Shepard 

Student Involvement Coordinator


Strengths: Harmony, Developer, Context, Intellection, Individualization 
Zodiac Sign: A total Capricorn. Stubborn, yet helpful. 
My name is Heidi Shepard and I am a long time SLI program participant. I worked for the program for four years as a student working on my undergraduate. Since leaving UAF I've worked for the state legislature, as a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, and in the hospitality industry. My favorite part of this job is students, so come visit us! 


Adam Wurster

SLI Student Lead

Strengths: Analytical, Restorative, Intellection, Arranger, Connectedness 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces, compassionate and wise. 

My name is Adam, I was the Student Lead for the Student Leadership and Involvement Office but am no longer. My info is about to be deleted so I don't know how much time I have left! 
Robots, alien, pirates have taken over the world since 2048 and WWIV has been going on for decades. I'm hopping to reach out to any students who are willing to take this opportunity in hopes to restore our future and lead us into a much better future. One without robots, alien, pirates. Please, join the leadership conference of 2018, and attend multiple events on campus, I'm not sure which one will save us from this future so you'll just have to attend them all.

Our future is in your hands now... 


 Laura Barber

(Was) SLI Volunteer Coordinator / AB Team Lead 

Strengths: Restorative, Input, Achiever, Learner, Intellection  
Zodiac Sign: Aries (Adventurous) 


My name is Laura Barber, and I don't work in the SLI office as the assistant volunteer coordinator (anymore). If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities or Alternative Spring Break, talk to Michael Martins. I will be returning in August of 2019. Bis später! 


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