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Fall 2017

Marli's Bio:

Marli Williams is a speaker, facilitator, activation coach, purpose finder and inspiration generator who's mission in life is to inspire and empower students to see themselves as leaders on campus and in their lives. She does this through energizing presentations, workshops and leadership programs. Marli believes that everyone has the potential to fulfill their most inner desires, hopes and dreams and her biggest goal is to provide both the inspiration and the tools to make that possible. To find out more about Marli's work, check out her website:www.marliwilliams.com

Fall 2016

UAF Leadership Conference: Catalyst

February 11th, 9:30am - 4pm • Hess Rec 

Applications available on OrgSync

Catalyst is a one-day program focused on learning to develop your own authentic path, connect to groups and causes you care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for yourself and the groups you’re part of.

During the day, you’ll consider powerful questions that move you towards action:
Am I on the right path? Who do I want to be? How can I connect with other like-minded individuals? In small-group dialogue, large group interaction, and personal reflection, you’ll learn alongside others who also want to start something extraordinary.

This is open to all students!
Limit 60 spots

Fall 2014

Fall 2014 conference flier

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Fall 2013

Fall 2013 conference banner

This retreat was a combination of 20 students and six facilitators who travelled down to Wasilla, AK for a weekend workshop. The retreat centered around five workshops developed for new leaders to hone their skills; effective communication, self strengths, delegation, team building, conflict management and passion. The unique aspect of this retreat was that the workshops were facilitated by senior UAF students and attended by students from UAA's Mat-su and Anchorage campuses.

The Presenters:

  • Effective Communication - Mamie Davis, Justice/Spanish major
  • Self Strength - Cara Hollingsworth, LIVE Program Director
  • Delegation - Lauren Ramirez, History major
  • Team Building - Josh Hovis, Student Org Coordinator
  • Conflict Management - Chris Piech, Accounting major
  • Passion - Christine DeLeon, Anthropology major
Emerging Leaders Retreat Attendees
Emerging Leaders Retreat Attendees
Conflict management seminar with Chris Piech
Conflict management seminar with Chris Piech
Delegation activity with Lauren Ramirez
Delegation activity with Lauren Ramirez
Team building competition with Josh Hovis
Team building competition with Josh Hovis
Passion seminar group hug lead by Kristine DeLeon
Passion seminar group hug lead by Kristine DeLeon
Bonfire Finale!
Bonfire Finale!

Fall 2011

2001 conference flier

This year we've decided to shake things up a bit. The LIVE program has brought a representative up from the Leadershape Institution for a one day workshop that will encourage us to ask questions and inspire change! Space is limited this year to 60 students, so first come first serve.

Registration forms will be available online and in the LIVE office.
Date and time: October 8th, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Place: Wood Center Ballroom
Cost: $15 for UAF students

Fall 2010

The 11th Annual Student Leadership Conference is happening on Friday, October 22nd and Saturday, October  23rd!!  Our theme this year is Positive, Sustainable Change, so there will be multiple opportunities to learn about sustainable change within yourself, within the community and out in the world!  Don't miss it!

Friday, October 22nd 5:30 pm-8:00 pm Wood Center Multi-Level Lounge

Saturday, October 23rd, 9:00 am-4:00 pm, UAF Wood Center

2010 Student Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

PrussmanStacy Prussman

Cleaning Up the World One Mess at a Time

College Student's today care deeply about the role they can play in saving our planet. “Sustainability” is the buzzword on many campuses as students nationwide put pressure on their campuses to reduce their negative impact on the environment. But, how can one well-meaning individual make a difference? Can college students truly lead our society through the complex process of reducing wasteful consumption?

Students are finding answers to these questions from a most unlikely source. Stacey is “cleaning up the world one mess at a time,” and in the process, she is encouraging students everywhere to lead more sustainable lives. Whether it is having “greener” parties and sporting events or organizing large-scale fundraising efforts, students can truly make a difference in large and small ways, and Stacey provides a hopeful, encouraging voice for those working to change their communities in meaningful ways.

Stacy Prussman will join us as the 2010 UAF Student Leadership Conference Keynote speaker at 12:30 on Saturday, October 23rd.

Fall 2009

10th Annual Leadership Conference

Talk, Listen, Lead!

Friday October 16 5:30PM-8PM

Viewing of the movie: The Rescue


There will be a discussion panel after the movie about service opportunities including domestic and abroad.

Saturday October 17 9AM- 4PM

Talk, Listen, Lead!

Join your fellow students and community leaders for a full day of inspiration and collaboration.

The Leadership Conference consist of food, a keynote speaker, and numerous workshops geared towards every individual.

No matter what your interest there is gauranteed to be something at the conference for you!

Come attend workshops to improve your communication and leadership skills!

For more information and to sign up for the conference contact: 474-1170 leadership@uaf.edu


Keynote Speaker: Corey Ciocchetti

"Chasing Authentic Success"


"Benjamin Franklin proclaimed that 'we get old too soon, wise too late.' This fact rings true in our lives because the journey to authentic success is a daunting venture. Fortunately, your life can change dramatically when you re-dedicate yourself to the ideals of your conscience, your moral compass. Start seeking wisdom today and, on this journey, I wish you the best of success. "   -- Professor Ciocchetti

Fall 2008

2008 conference flier

Fall 2008 Leadership Conference

Friday October 10 and Saturday October 11, 2008

This year the UAF LIVE Program is able to bring two amazing keynote speakers to the conference in October. Take a look below at the short descriptions and the organization websites for more information.

Friday Night Keynote Speaker:

Invisible Children

Motivated by the unseen war in Northern Uganda, Invisible Children was created by three young filmmakers with a singular mission: To use the power of stories to change lives around the world.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOrzBOauLyo

Saturday Keynote:

Matthew Segal (Executive Director of the Student Association for Voter Empowerment)

Matthew Segal is the founding executive director of the Student Association for Voter Empowerment (SAVE) and the National Democracy Coordinator for the Roosevelt Institution -- the nation's first student think-tank.

SAVE Website: http://www.savevoting.org/Index.html

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK9AbE-euPg

For more information or to register contact: leadership@uaf.edu 474-1170

Fall 2007

2007 conference flier

Leadership Matters

Make Your Mark!

Leadership Matters  - Make Your Mark - LogoUAF TO HOLD ITS 8th ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

The 8th Annual UAF Leadership Conference will be held on Friday, October 19 from 5pm-7:30pm and Saturday, October 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Carol Brown Ballroom in the Wood Center on the UAF campus. The theme for this year’s conference is Leadership Matters: Make Your Mark. With an emphasis on transforming individual lives, our campus, our communities and the world, attendees will build confidence and create networks for change.

The keynote speaker is Michael Furdyk, co-founder of TakingITGlobal, a global online community for young people, which engages hundreds of thousands of youth in over 200 countries and territories. Along with managing the technology team at TakingITGlobal, Michael is involved with the TIG education program and has spoken to over 50,000 educators about the importance of engaging students and integrating technology and global perspectives into the classroom.

Community leaders from various sectors will work with students to define leadership, build leadership skills, and discuss relevant issues. Workshops will focus on topics like leadership styles, planning effective meetings, social networking, self evaluation and many more. These workshops are taught by UAF faculty, UAF students and various members of the community. This year’s conference will also include a panel from ASUAF where participants will learn about the workings of the UAF student government and have the opportunity to raise issues they have about the UAF community. In addition we are delighted to have President Hamilton and Chancellor Jones addressing the participants this year.  

Applications are available at the Wood Center and at TVC. For more information, visit the LIVE Program website at www.uaf.edu/leadership, call 474-1170, or review the spotlight written by Megan Otts from University Relations at http://www.uaf.edu/news/news/20071016152217.html.


  • UA President Mark Hamilton
  • UAF Chancellor Steve Jones
  • Michael Furdyk
  • Lael Croteau
  • Charlie Dexter
  • Mary Ehrlander
  • Ian-Michael Hebert
  • Susan Herman
  • Brandon Meston
  • Robert Mackey
  • Kelly Nichols
  • Solveig Pedersen
  •  Patti Picha
  • Teresa Thompson

Download presenter bios (PDF)


I scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!
Alcohol awareness Jeopardy

Fall 2006

2006 group photo

Leadership Conference Fall 2006

October 13-14, 2006

2006 flierChallenge to UAF Student Leaders

The Leadership Conference Planning Team would like to issue a challenge to all UAF student leaders. Come to the 2006 UAF Leadership Conference on October 13 and 14 and fine tune your leadership skills, while also paving the way for new leaders to discover their own abilities and continue the Nanook Leadership Legacy. With great workshops, door prizes, gift bags, networking opportunities, food, and so much more, there are a million good reasons to join the fun. Bring a friend, first year student, or other emerging leader, and there is sure to be a little something extra for you (think amazing door prizes). 

Stop by the LIVE Program office in Wood Center, call 474-1170, or go to www.uaf.edu/leadership for a registration form and more information. Step up to the Leadership Challenge…we know you can do it!

The UAF Leadership Conference Planning Team  

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