John Yarie


Professor of Silviculture, 
Department Chair, Forest Science
Email:  jayarie@alaska.edu

Research Interests
Structure and function of boreal forests, successional processes following catastrophic disturbances, effects of changing environment conditions (including global warming)on forest ecosystem processess

Current Research Programs
BNZ-LTER, continued monitoring of a 35-year forest growth study, reprogramming of the SAFED model to visual basic in the Arc Map framework, setup and monitoring of long term log decomposition

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Valerie Barber


Assistant Professor of Forest Sciences,
Director, UAF Forest Products Program
Email: vabarber@alaska.edu

Research Interests
wood utilization from Alaska species, nontimber forest product research and development, climate change and dendroclimatology, boreal forest ecology and tree species sensitivity to climate, paleoclimates

Current Research Programs
Alaska birch project, black spruce dendrochronology, non-timber forest products, marketing forest products

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John Fox


Associate Professor of Land Resources Emeritus
Email: jdfox@alaska.edu

Research Interests
modeling hydrologic effects of land-use changes, the intertie between microclimate, mesoclimate and global climate change, the spatial dimension of the concepts of sustained-yield and sustainability

Current Research Programs
modeling the effects of timber harvest and landscape characterstics on stream flow, freezing and thawing of soils, planning and decision-making for forest management

Glenn Juday


Professor of Forest Ecology
Email: gpjuday@alaska.edu

Research Interests
relationship of tree growth to long-term eclimate change, community ecology, and the natural and management controls of biodiversity

Current Research Programs
Long-term environmental monitoring, Climate change and forest growth and health, Tree-ring studies, Climate change assessment, Wilderness and natural area management, Forest development following fire, Biodiversity under forest management systems, Old-growth forest ecology, Natural controls of biodiversity, Forest development and ecosystem life history, Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research Site

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Scott Rupp


Scott Rupp
Professor of Forestry,
Director, Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning (SNAP)
Email: tsrupp@alaska.edu

Research Interests
ecosystem and landscape ecology emphasizing secondary succession, regeneration, and disturbance dynamics in subarctic and boreal forests

Current Research Programs
modeling boreal forest dynamics, fuel loading, developing custom fuel models, fire risk analysis, fire-dlimate interactions, long-term ecological research (LTER)

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Juan Andres Soria


Associate Professor of Wood Chemistry and Applied Environmental Science and Technology
Email: jasoria@alaska.edu

Research Interests
bio-oil production with supercritical fluids and pyrolysis techniques and thermochemical biomass conversion for specialty chemical extraction and bio-based products

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David Valentine

Professor of Forest Soils
Email: dvalentine@alaska.edu

Research Interests
ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and element cycling in northern ecosystems, role of soils in forests, grasslands, and wetlands in generating or consuming trace gasses, especially methance, that control Earth's climate, effects of wildfire on soil respiration and carbon blanace

Current Research Programs
bonanaza creek LTER: wildfire effects on soil respiration, influence of disturbance on soil carbon balance, long-term carbon balance assessment from resampling old research site

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David Verbyla


Professor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Natural Resources
Email: dlverbyla@alaska.edu

Research Interests
GIS technology for resource inventory and climate change studies, integrating remote sensing and GIS for regional analysis, support for spatial analysis using GIS

Current Research Programs
Alaska land cover change, MODIS products evaluation, bonanaza creek long term ecological research (LTER)

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