Glenn Juday

Professor of Forest Ecology


Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-6717
Fax: 907-474-7439
Location: 161 Arctic Health Research Building

Curriculum vitae:
B. S., 1972, Purdue University
Ph.D., 1976, Oregon State University

NRM/GEOG 464 - Wilderness Management
NRM/BIO 277 - Introduction to Conservation Biology
NRM 697 - Ecology for Regional Resilience and Adaptation Program
NRM 397/697 - Tree-ring Analysis

Research interests:
Tree-ring studies, Biodiversity under forest management systems, Climate change assessment, Climate change and forest growth, Structure of old-growth forest ecosystems, Old-growth forest ecology, Natural controls of biodiversity, identification of elements of natural diversity, Wilderness and natural area management, Forest development and ecosystem life history, Fire and climate change, Long-term environmental monitoring

Examples of research support:
“The Potential of Lodepolge Pine as a New Crop Tree in Alaska.” USDA. $53,672. 2001-2003

Co-Principal Investigator (one of 4; Dr. Roseann D-Arrigo, Principal Investigator) “Response of Pacific Northwest and Alaskan Forests to Recent Multiple Environmental Changes” (3-year term, 06/2002 to 06/2005; totaling $ 142,897. Source: U.S. Department of Energy, subcontract through Columbia University)

Co-Principal Investigator (one of 6; Dr. Terry Chapin, Principal Investigator) in project “Regional resilience and adaptation: Planning for change. Inegrative Graduate Research, Education, and Training (IGERT) Program National Science Foundation.” (4-year term, 09/2001 to 09/2005; totaling $ $2,620,100. Source: National Science Foundation)

Co-Principal Investigator 06/2000 to 10/2004; F.S. Chapin & 23 others; “Interaction of multiple disturbances with climate in the boreal forest: Bonanza Creek LTER.” National Science Foundation. $2,800,000

Co-Principal Investigator 10/01/2002 to 9/30/2003; G. Weller; “ACIA – Arctic Climatic Impact Assessment.” National Science Foundation and International Arctic Research Center. $19,500.

Co-Principal Investigator. 10/01/2001 to 9/30/2004; C.E. Lewis; “Birch sap – more than a tonic.” USDA Special Grants. $49,538.

Principal Investigator. 06/2002 to present. “Relationship of Tree Growth and Climate Variability in Alaska: Patterns, Controls, and Strategies for Management.” USDA McIntire-Stennis Program. Funding varies annually.

10/2000 to 10/2003. Head of Graduate Advisory Committee for Martin Wilmking. “Ecosystem Integrity in Interior Alaska’s National Parks.” Canon Coorporation & National Parks Foundation (Science Scholars Program). $75,000

09/1999 to 09/2000. Supervisory Co-PI “To identify, prepare, catalog, and store mammal, bird, plant, and archeological specimens from NPS areas in Alaska: Dendrochronology of Wrangell – St. Elias National Park SBB samples. National Park Service (through UA Museum) CA 9910-6-9034 Amendment #5. $12,500

02/1999 to 08/2000. Principal Investigator. “AFES 99-20. Calibration of SKOG (Spruce Killed Or Growing) -a forest disturbance and regrowth model for land management.” UA Natural Resources Fund (Competitive). $20,780

10/1998 to 10/1999. “AFES 98-24. Dendrochronological studies of National parks in Alaska.” U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Research Division. $33,719.

Supervisor. “AFES 98-10. Chena River Lakes Resource Information Projects FY98.” U.S. Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers. $25,000.

07/1998 to 02/2000. Co-Principal Investigator (with F.S. Chapin III PI and others). “AFES 92-28R10. Schoolyard LTER, Bonanza Creek LTER.” National Science Foundation. $12,616.

07/1998 to 02/2000. Co-Principal Investigator (with F.S. Chapin III PI, R. Boone, and others). “AFES 92-28R8. Creation and upgrade of voucher specimen collections for the Bonanza Creek LTER.” National Science Foundation. $50,000 (total project ); $15,000 (my portion)

06/1998 to 06/1999. Faculty mentor for V. Barber. “AFES 98-52. Confirming recent climatic stress on white spruce through stable isotope analysis of tree-rings.” International Arctic Research Center (Government of Japan). $4,995.

05/1998 to 05/2000. Principal Investigator (with F.S. Chapin III PI, and 28 others). “AFES 98-36. Interaction of multiple disturbances with climate in Alaskan boreal forests.” National Science Foundation. $1,400,000.

04/1998 to 05/ 2001. Participating Scientist (R. Motyka, J. Freymueller PI). “GI 98-45. Uplift and Seismicity in Northern Southeast Alaska: Tectonic Stress or Glacial Uploading?” National Science Foundation. $368,887.

11/1997. Principal Investigator. “AFES 97-29. Study of recent climatic stress in white spruce caused by global warming through stable isotope analysis: confirming and clarifying effects for forest policy.” University of Alaska Natural Resources Fund competitive). $26,205.

Examples of publications:
Wilmking, M., Juday, G.P., Ibendorf, J, and Terwilliger, M. (in review). Modeling spatial variability of treeline white spruce growth responses to climate change – outlook for two national parks in Alaska. [Global and Planetary Change].

Chapin, F. S., III, T. V. Callaghan, Y. Bergeron, M. Fukuda, J. F., Johnstone, G. Juday, and S. A. Zimov. (in review) Global change and the boreal forest: Thresholds, shifting states or gradual change? [Ambio]. 

Wilmking, M., Juday, G.P., Barber, V., and Zald, H. (conditionally accepted). Recent climate warming forces contrasting growth responses of white spruce at treeline in Alaska through temperature thresholds. [Global Change Biology].

Juday, G.P. (Lead Author), Barber, V.; Vaganov, E.; Rupp, S.; Sparrow, S.; Yarie, J.; Linderholm, H. (Contributing Authors), Berg, E.; D’Arrigo, R.; Duffy, P.; Eggertsson, O.; Furyaev V.V.; Hogg, E.H.; Huttunen, S.; Jacoby, G.; Kaplunov, V.Ya. ; Kellomaki, S.; Kirdyanov, A.V.; Lewis, C.E.; Linder, S.; Naurzbaev, M.M.; Pleshikov, F.I.; Savva, Yu.V.; Sidorova, O.V.; Stakanov, V.D.; Tchebakova N.M.; Valendik E.N.; Vedrova, E.F., Wilmking, M. (Consulting Authors). (accepted). Forests, Land Management, Agriculture, Chapter 14 In: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Arctic Council. Cambridge University Press.

Barber, V.A., G.P. Juday and B.P. Finney. 2004. Reconstruction of Summer Temperatures in Interior Alaska: Evidence for Changing Synoptic Climate Regimes. Climatic Change 63 (1-2).

Juday, G.P., Barber, V., Rupp S., Zasada, J., Wilmking M.W. 2003. A 200-year perspective of climate variability and the response of white spruce in Interior Alaska. Chapter 12 Pp. 226-250. In: Greenland, D., Goodin, D., and Smith, R. (editors). Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites. Oxford University Press.

Ott, R.A., and G.P Juday. 2002. Canopy gap characteristics and their implications for management in the temperate rainforests of southeast Alaska. Forest Ecology and Management. 159(3): 271-291.

Rees, Daniel C., Juday, G.P. 2002. Plant species diversity and forest structure on logged and burned sites in central Alaska. Forest Ecology & Management 155 (1-3): 291-302.

Barber, V.A., G.P. Juday, B.P Finney. 2000. Reduced growth of Alaska white spruce in the twentieth century from temperature-induced drought stress. Nature 405: 668-673.

Waide R.B.; Willig, M.R. ; Mittelbach, G.; Steiner, C.; Gough, L.; Dodson, S.I.; Juday, G.P.; Parmenter. R. 1999. The relationship between productivity and species richness. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. 30:257-300.

Densmore, R.V.; Juday, G.P.; Zasada, J.C. 1999. Regeneration alternatives for upland white spruce after burning and logging in interior Alaska. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 29(4): 413-423.

Jacoby, G.C., D'Arrigo, R.D., and G. Juday. 1999. Tree-ring indicators of climatic change at northern latitudes. World Resources Review 11(1):21-29.

Ott, R,A., Juday, G.P., and T.E. Garvey. 1999. Conducting a landscape-level wind risk assessment on northeast Chichagof Island, southeast Alaska, and its potential use for forest management. Pages 202-210 In: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Society of American Foresters, 20 - 24 September, 1998. Traverse City, Michigan.

Juday, Glenn Patrick. 1998. Alaska Research Natural Areas: 4. Big Windy Hot Springs. Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Miscellaneous Publication 98-1. University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska. 47 p.

Malmstrom, Carolyn M.; Thompson, Matthew V.; Juday Glenn P.; Los, Sietse O.; Randerson, James T; Field, Christopher B. 1997. Interannual Variation in Global-Scale Net Primary Production: Testing Model Estimates. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 11(3):367-392.

Jacoby, G. C., D'Arrigo, R. D. and Juday, G. P. 1997. Climate change and effects on tree growth as evidenced by tree-ring data from Alaska, Pages 199-206 IN Sustainable Development of Boreal Forests, Proceedings of 7th Conference of the International Boreal Forest Research Association, August 19-23, 1996 St. Petersburg, Russia, Federal Forest Service of Russia, Moscow (ISBN 5-7564-0151-2).

Juday, Glenn Patrick. 1996 (on-line version issued Jan. 1996). Boreal Forests (Taiga) In: The Biosphere and Concepts of Ecology. Volume 14 Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition. pp. 1210-1216. [hardcopy version in printed and bound volume 1997]

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