Chein-Lu Ping

Profesor of Soil Sciences


Contact information:
Phone: 907-746-9462
Fax: 907-746-2677
Location: Palmer

Curriculum vitae:
B.S., 1965, Chung-Hsin University, Taichung, Taiwan
M.S., 1972, Washington State University
PhD, 1976, Washington State University

NRM697 - Individual Study-Geomorphology and Soils
NRM489/689 - Washington State University

Research interests:

  • Soil genesis and classification of permafrost affected soils
  • soil organic carbon dynamics in soils of the arctic and boreal regions
  • soil climate and its application in land-use interpretation

Current research programs:

  1. Black Spruce Forest Soils in boreal regions of Alaska: Their Characterization, Organic Carbon Pool and Relationship to Forest Management, USDA-Hatch and USDA-Global Change Initiative Program - The primary objective of this study is to study the morphological, chemical and physical properties of soils associated with black spruce forest stands. Secondary objectives are to determine the quantity of charred carbon in these soils and to relate soil properties to the site quality of black spruce forest stands.
  2. Biocomplexity associated with biogeochemical cycles in arctic frost-boil ecosystems -National Science Foundation
  3. Soil Environment Monitoring in Alaska - USDA -NRCS Wet Soils Monitoring

Examples of research support:

  • Biocomplexity - soils associated with frost boils, NSF grant $80,000/yr., 2000-2005
  • Winter C-flux in arctic ecosystems under changing climate: Effects of soils carbon and active layer dynamics, NSF fund, $80,000, 1998-2004
  • Wet soil and permafrost soil monitoring in Alaska, USDA-NRCS grant, $55,000/FY04
  • Soils associated with black spruce ecosystem, USDA Hatch grant, $75,000/yr., 2003-2006

Examples of publications:
Ping, C.L., R. Boone, M.H. Clark, E.C Packee, and D.K. Swanson. Soils of the boreal forest regions. In press. In Chapin et al. (eds.) LTER Book Chapter. Oxford Press.

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Michaelson, G.J., C.L. Ping, G.W. Kling, and J.E. Hobbie. 1998. The character and bioactivity of dissolved organic matter at thaw and in the spring runoff waters of the arctic tundra north slope, Alaska. Journal of Geophysical Research, 103(D22):28,939-28,946.

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Ping, C.L., Michaelson, G.J., Overduin, P.P. & Stiles, C.A. 2003. Morphogenesis of Frostboils in the Galbraith Lake area, Arctic Alaska. p. 897-900. In M. Phillips, S. M. Springman and L.U. Arenson (eds.) Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Permafrost, Zürich, Switzerland.

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