Lawson Brigham

Distinguished Professor of Geography & Arctic Policy
Email:  lwb48@aol.com

Research Interests:
polar environmental change, marine policy & ocean security issues, satellite remote sensing of sea ice and permafrost, marine navigation systems, coastal oceanography, polar environmental management & sustainable use.

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Joshua Greenberg


Department Head, Humans and the Environment, 
Associate Professor of Resource Economics
Email:  jagreenberg@alaska.edu

Research interests

  • bioeconomic modeling
  • economic issues pertaining to the allocation of Alaska renewable natural resources
  • economics of Alaska's reindeer industry

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Peter Fix


Associate Professor of Outdoor Recreation Management
Email:  pjfix@alaska.edu

Research interests

  • human dimensions of natural resource management
  • motivations for recreation participation
  • recreation planning frameworks
  • recreation research methods
  • natural resource based tourism
  • recreation economics
  • nonmarket valuation

Current research programs

  • Alaska resident statistics program
  • visitor preferences for interpretation at Wrangell - St. Elias National park
  • wildlife viewing management in Alaska

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Gary Kofinas


Professor of Resource Policy and Management
Email:  gary.kofinas@alaska.edu

Research interests

  • indigenous communities of the North and their social-ecological resilience in conditions of rapid change, adaptive co-management, local knowledge in monitoring, and integrated assessment, subsistence, and human-caribou systems

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Julie Lurman Joly


Associate Professor of Resources Law and Policy
Email:  julie.joly@alaska.edu

Research interests

  • wildlife and public lands law
  • comparative natural resources law
  • federal-state resource management conflicts
  • climate change law

Current research programs

  • public lands and resource management conflicts
  • climate change related repercussions for public lands and wildlife law

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Elena Sparrow

Professor of Resources Management
Email:  ffebs@uaf.edu

Research interests

  • nutrient cycling
  • microbial ecology
  • climate change effects
  • science education

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Susan Todd


Associate Professor of Resource Planning
Email:  sktodd@alaska.edu

Research interests

  • conflict resolution
  • environmental mediation
  • resource management planning and public involvement

Current research programs

  • innovative methods of involving the public in environmental decisions
  • the alagnak wild river management study

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