Gary Kofinas

Professor of Resource Policy & Management


Appointments and affiliations:
Department of Humans and Environment
Institute of Arctic Biology
Resilience and Adaptation Program

Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-7078
Fax: 907-474-6967
Location: 128 Arctic Health Research Building
Full CV

Curriculum vitae:
B. A., 1975, University of North Carolina Greensboro
M. S. T., 1978, Antioch/New England Graduate School
Ph.D., 1998, University of British Columbia

NRM 647 - Local-Global Sustainability
NRM 694 - Adaptive Management
NRM 692 - The Resilience Seminar
NRM 697 - The Resilience & Adaptation Internship

Research interests:

  • Resilience and adaptation of northern rural communities
  • community-based resource stewardship, indigenous-agency co-management institutions
  • local knowledge in ecological monitoring and assessment
  • social networks and subsistence
  • the science and practice of transdisciplinary research

Examples of research support:

  • Modeling harvesting behavior to understand adaptation, mitigation, and transformation in northern subsistence systems.   G.P. Kofinas (PI). National Science Foundation -   Arctic Social Science Program. (2009-2012)
  • Maps and Locals: An LTER integrated cross-site study of global change.   Long Term Ecological Research   (LTER) Program of the National Science Foundation   (2008-on-going)
  • The Study of Sharing Networks to Assess the Vulnerabilities of Local Communities to Oil and Gas Development Impacts in Arctic Alaska , Mineral Management Services US Department of Interior.   G. Kofinas (PI) (2007-2010).

Examples of publications:

Kofinas, Gary P. , Chapin III, F. Stuart , BurnSilver, Shauna, Schmidt, Jennifer I. (g) , Fresco, Nancy L., Kielland, Knut , Martin, Stephanie, Springsteen, Anna, and Rupp, T. Scott (2010). Resilience of Athabascan subsistence systems to interior Alaska’s changing climate. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40:1347-1359

Chapin III, F. S., G. P. Kofinas, and C. Folke, editors. 2009. Principles of Ecosystem Stewardship: Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management in a Changing World. Springer-Verlag, New York. ISBN: 978-0-387-73032-5

Kofinas, G. P. 2009. Adaptive Co-management in Social-Ecological Governancein I. Chapin, F. Stuart, G. Kofinas, and C. Folke, editors. Principles of Natural Resource Stewardship: Resilience-Based Management in a Changing World , ). Springer-Verlag, New York. Pages 77-102.

Berman, Matt, and Gary Kofinas(2004)"Hunting for Models: Rational Choice and Grounded Approaches to Analyzing Climate Effects on Subsistence Hunting in an Arctic Community"   Ecological Economics Vol. 49:   31-46.

Kofinas, Gary with Old Crow, Aklavik, Fort McPherson, and Arctic Village, (2002) Community Contributions to Ecological Monitoring: Knowledge Co-Production in the US-Canada Arctic Borderlands in Frontiers in Polar Social Science - Indigenous Observations of Environmental Change, editors I. Krupnik and D. Dyanna. ARCUS. 54-92. 

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