Peace Corps Master's International Program

Sample course plan

Master's International student in Fiji
Master's International student in Fiji

Each graduate program is customized according to your interests and your committee’s  recommendations. 

However, the following is one example of a progression of courses for someone specializing in agroforestry for an MS degree.

Fall Semester—Year One (9 credits)

NRM 601  Research Methods for NRM (2)
NRM 692  Graduate Seminar (1)
NRM 438  Geographic Information Systems (3)
NRM 450  Forest Management (3)

Spring Semester—Year One (9 credits)

NRM 651  Advanced Silviculture (3)
NRM 630  Collaborative Resource Planning (3)
NRM 634  Resource Management in Developing Countries (2)
NRM 692  Graduate Seminar (1)

Two-year Peace Corps assignment (12 credits)

Spring Semester—Year Four (9 credits)

NRM 692  Graduate Seminar (1)
NRM 698   Thesis/Research (6-8)
Elective(s)  (0-2)

Total Credits = 39

Note: the minimum number of credits for each of the degree options is 35, but students generally take more than the minimum, depending on their undergraduate course work, their interests and their committee’s recommendations.

See the course catalog for more about courses.  View all  NRM courses.

You are not limited to NRM courses, however.  Many of our students take courses in Political Science, Biology, Anthropology and other disciplines.

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