Alaska Resident Statistics Program

The Alaska Residents Statistics Program seeks to identify common recreation management information needs among federal and state agencies in Alaska and to develop a survey to gather such information.

The program is an ongoing effort, with a core set of questions remaining consistent over time and additional questions regarding specific issues asked on a rotating basis. The goals are to decrease redundancy in data gathering efforts and develop a shared database for which to monitor future recreation trends in Alaska. The first phase of the survey effort will gather information on travel patterns, participation in outdoor recreation activities, and broad measures of benefits received from recreation on public lands in Alaska. For this phase, a mail survey was developed that divided the state into five regions and, within each region, four smaller “subregions.” Respondents were asked about travel to those regions, frequency of participation in outdoor recreation in the subregions, and recreation areas in which the responded had been displaced either all together or temporally / spatially. A goal of survey design was to increase specificity of information and obtain information that is difficult to gather onsite.

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