BAKLAP: Boreal Alaska — Learning, Adaptation, and Production

A partnership between the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Divison of Forestry and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Natural Resources and Extension and Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station 

General description of purpose or intent: 

Background : The 2012 Alaska Capital Budget (HCS CSSB 160(FIN) am H) appropriated funding to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for “BAK LAP: Upgrade Forest Research Installations for Wood Biomass Energy, Products, Science Education.” 

Mission Statement : The goals of BAK LAP are: 

  1. To upgrade Alaska forest research facilities and management practices to improve the value of Alaska’s forests in meeting the rapidly expanding demand for wood biomass energy in a changing environment, and 
  2. To improve STEM teaching and learning outcomes by developing a model integrated K-12 curriculum based on hands-on experiences with the Alaskan boreal forest through inquiry science and art. 

Approach : BAK LAP will foster cooperation, help retain forest science information, interpret and disseminate forest management information, and provide a platform for collaboration and adaptive, sustainable forest management. 

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