Forest Dynamics & Management Program

Providing the people of Alaska with scientifically accurate information by monitoring the growth and change of the northern forests is the major purpose of the UAF Program of Forest Dynamics and Management. With a goal of best-practice forest management, UAF researchers in this program seek to provide the best scientific information to help land managers and owners with decision-making. By setting up a system of permanent plots for long-term monitoring, foresters are providing data for growth and yield models. Nearly 200 plots are being actively studied in the Tanana Valley, Copper River Valley, Matanuska-Susitna Valley, and Kenai Peninsula. The growth models of major tree species define the density and diversity of the forests, and measure site index, growth equations, volume equations, and levels of growing stock. Research is focused on simulation and optimization, forest health, wildland fires, and climate change. In addition to charting the growth and health of forests, the program identifies forest characteristics and regeneration properties, and provides. UAF forestry specialists offer free consultations on forest management to all Alaskans, including Native corporations and the forest industry.
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